Alien sample (predator)
Alien Sample
Team Humans
Uses 1
Type Offensive

The alien sample is a Special Item found in ze_Predator_Ultimate. It belongs to the offensive items and has the ability to ignite zombies over a large area.


The alien sample spawns in the following locations:

Predatorv3 aliensample locationlvl1

After defeating the predator in the graveyard. (Normal Mode)


To activate the sample, press 'E' (or the keybind for 'use'). It has one use after which it will disintegrate. Use the ignition for slowing down zombies on key choke points in the map. It takes around 10 seconds for the sample to extinguish and will ignite zombies for 30 seconds, so it's quite lengthy and as such effective when used in corridors where zombies cannot escape the flames (for instance in front of the final room on Ultimate).

Predatorv3 aliensample item effect

The alien sample's fire effect.


  • Unlike the alien device, the alien sample will not damage the predator nor the alien.
  • The device is actually a jar filled with green xenomorph alien blood. The flames ignite from the blood which explains why they are green.

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