Anchelion profile
Boss Yes
Appearance ze_Frostdrake_Tower
Health 5000 (base)
+ 1000 (per human)
68000 (theoretical maximum)
Attacks 3
Difficulty Moderate

Anchelion is a frost dragon who serves as the final boss on ze_frostdrake_tower. Defeating him is the main goal to survival and victory over the zombie horde.


Anchelion differs from most bosses in that it will never attack players directly or change targets every few seconds. Instead, it relies on paths and wind from his wings and movements to push players off the tower. In addition, he will sometimes fly at the edge of the tower and activate ice spikes that will damage players.

Overall Anchelion is purposefully ment to be moderate and relatively easy to beat once you recognize the pattern of his movements and know which attacks he uses when. Below is a summary of his attacks, and how to avoid them.


Left Push
  • Pushes from the
    left side
  • No damage
Run in the opposite direction. (Right)
Right Push
  • Pushes from the
    right side
  • No damage
Run in the opposite direction. (Left)
Ice Spikes
  • Summons
    ice spikes
  • Deals 70
    damage on hit
Avoid ice spikes.

In general, survivabilty is not a problem when fighting Anchelion since he rarely damages players. He relies on instant player kills by pushing them off the sides rather than trying to kill players with ice spikes (which don't instakill and are easy to avoid). As such, always analyze where Anchelion is flying towards to, anticipate his attack and keep shooting in the mean time. If he flies low and arrives from the left side, start running towards him (which is the right side). Same for the opposite direction (walk left when he flies from the right side).
Frostdrakev1 icespikemodel

The entire ice spikes model (with bottom).


  • Anchelion takes a long time to die, but has been purposefully nerfed to allow smaller teams to still take him down, even if the numbers keep lowering by deaths. Overall Anchelion is the easiest boss Luffaren has designed thus far.
  • When Achelion dies, an animation shows him falling off the tower. He eventually lands on a sticky part of the tower and not into the depths around it, although this is not visible when jumping down at the end.
  • The bottom part of the ice spikes model is never shown in-game.


  • The model for this dragon was created by Luffaren in Blender as well as its animations and texture(s).[1]


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