Banning is a mandatory process to keep the wiki clean of vandalism and to keep vandals at bay. If you visit this page, chances are most likely that you have been temporarily or even permanently banned!

Banned users cannot edit the wiki, which means that if you want your account to be unbanned, you'll need to access a different IP adress (a different computer) to add the appeal. You can do so by asking a friend and make sure that he/she adds your accountname and the reason to it.

Although a ban is supposed to keep users with an excessive vandalism history off the wiki, you still have the right to appeal your ban. You can do so after the line of this block following the example given below. Remember that this is a one-time only process, so if you are appealing your ban, make sure you will do so without any malicious intents of vandalising again. Doing so will result in an upgrade from a temporary to a permanent ban without any chances of re-appealing.


* I want to appeal my temporary ban because I made a mistake when I vandalised the site. I won't do this again and will actively contribute to the wiki when necessary. --JorisCeoen 17:22, September 25, 2014 (UTC) (Accepted/Rejected)

Important is that you add the signature at the end of the explanation, which can be done with the signature button. Not doing so can make it difficult to track the user, although the IP will always be displayed.


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