Numerous call-outs are used during Zombie Escape sessions to notify players of the map-status or to alert the human team of certain dangers/traps/pathways etc. Below is a comprehensive list of all the commonly used call-outs with explanation.


Fall BackEdit

  • Falling back is commonly called out on voice chat to indicate that any remaining defending humans should proceed forward in the map and try to reach the next holding point as fast as possible, without defending or slowing down whatsoever. Usually this is directed to the backline defending the rest of the team against the zombies, but in general is aimed towards the team to say that a doorway or path has opened and that the next objective must be reached.
  • Fall back don't stop ('fall back now') is sometimes used as a variant to indicate that remaining humans at the backline have to start running or they will die because of a teleport, or not getting on a platform or vehicle on time.


  • Backpedalling is a term used to indicate that the team should run backwards but shoot and defend at the same time. This method requires knowledge of the map on the player's part, to memorise the layout of obstacles and props to minimize the chance of bumping into objects or falling into traps.

    This call-out is key to strategic teamwork for surviving some of the hardest maps. Most of the time, simply falling back will not be an option, especially for the backline, so whenever you can, backpedal instead of simply falling back.

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