Claymore (predator)
Claymore Mine
Team Humans
Uses 10
Type Offensive

The claymore mine is a Special Item found in ze_Predator_Ultimate. It belongs to the offensive items and has the ability to ignite zombies that come near it.


The mine spawns in the following locations:

Predatorv3 claymore locationlvl1

After defeating the predator in the graveyard. (Normal Mode)


To spawn claymore mines, press 'E' (or the keybind for 'use'). You have a total of 10 claymore mines until they deplete permanently. Use them to slow down zombies along the way. Make sure to keep a good distance between each mine to guarantee maximum effect. The ignition is similar in time with the grenade launcher, but shorther than the alien sample, making it overall the least effective fire weapon based off time.

However, the claymore may be spawn on locations that are more efficient than having to aim with the grenade launcher or time correctly with the alien sample. Excellent locations to spawn claymore's are atop ladders or places where zombies have to drop down (examples are down the hyper bossroom or atop the stairs in the predator ship).


  • Claymore mines will not damage the predator nor the alien.
  • When triggered, its explosion sound plays across the entire map.

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