Creat_1 (or »Creat_1|™) is a level designer for Source SDK and is popular among the Zombie Escape community. He is also famous for fixing or modifying broken or bugged maps.

Maps Edit

The following lists maps which Creat_1 is involved in their production.

Made by Creat_1 Edit

Fixed by Creat_1 Edit

Modified for Zombie Riot Edit

  • zr_assault_v3
  • zr_aztec_v1
  • zr_cbble_v1
  • zr_compound_v2
  • zr_dust2_v1
  • zr_dust_v1
  • zr_italy_v2
  • zr_nuke_v1
  • zr_office_v3
  • zr_piranesi_v2
  • zr_port_v1
  • zr_prodigy_v1

Gallary Edit

More updates coming soon!

Contact Edit

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