FreeZe is a level designer for Source SDK and is popular amongst the Zombie Escape community. He has created many highly popular maps such as ze_Death_Star_Escape and ze_PotC. However, he had stopped designing new levels.[1]

Mapping style Edit

It is significant to say about the overall style of FreeZe's maps. Apart from other mappers, there is one clear point for his maps: long runways. It is because they are supposed to be launched for servers with fast zombie speed setting, say an extra 10% speed or above, like i3D. Humans are intended to shoot while running backwards, which seems to be quite an interesting game. For servers with slow zombies, or even no speed difference between human and zombie, it will be found that there are too long periods for humans to run without looking back, and the map is empty.

All in all, FreeZe's maps intend players to defend throughout the entire walkthourgh, instead of the lower-than-average amount of chock points.

Maps Edit

References Edit

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