Gauss rifle (predator)
Gauss Rifle
Team Humans
Cooldown 2m
Uses Unlimited
Type Offensive

The gauss rifle is a Special Item found in ze_Predator_Ultimate. It belongs to the offensive items and has the ability to severely damage zombies.


The alien sample spawns in the following locations:

File:Predatorv3 gaussrifle locationlvl1.jpg


To activate the rifle, press 'E' (or the keybind for 'use'). It has unlimited uses with a 2min cooldown. While it is extremely powerful and able to kill many healthy zombies in an instant, it's effect is limited by range as it acts like a laser. This makes aiming with the rifle more difficult, rendering it nearly useless in open spaces. It is very effective on the tree bridge (normal and hard mode) as well as at the helipad on hyper and the final corridor in ultimate.


  • The gauss rifle will not damage the predator nor the alien.
  • Because of its ability to instantly kill zombies, it causes balancing problems with servers that have !zspawn disabled.
  • A very rare bug also occurs where it disables respawning by triggering the anti repeat-killer found on almost all servers.

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