Grenade launcher (predator)
Grenade Launcher
Team Humans
Uses 15
Type Offensive

The grenade launcher is a Special Item found in ze_Predator_Ultimate. It belongs to the offensive items and has the ability to damage zombies and ignite them. It has a smaller ignition radius than the explosion of a napalm grenade.


The grenade launcher spawns in the following locations:

Predatorv3 grenadelauncher locationlvl1

After defeating the predator in the graveyard. (Normal Mode)


To launch a grenade, press 'E' (or the keybind for 'use'). It has a total of 15 uses after which it becomes permanently depleted. Use the ignition of the grenades primarily for slowing down zombies. Unlike standard grenades, these ones don't have knockback and as such will not launch zombies in any direction. Refrain from spamming grenades in short bursts as it's more effective when waiting out the entire duration of each shot.


  • The grenade launcher will not damage the predator nor the alien.
  • It has a missing texture by default, but can be fixed manually by adding its corresponding texture in the materials folder.
  • When activated, its firing sound plays across the entire map.

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