The purpose of this guide is to explain a particular technique for this wikia as detailed as possible with the necessary images and information.

If there is anything you do not agree with on this guide, feel free to add it to the talk page before posting it into the guide!

Basics Edit

  • You'll obviously need a computer.
  • A mouse and keyboard.
  • Nedd the game CS:S.
  • Steam.

Guide Edit

Opening the Console is very simple. Start CS:S, then go in the option, keybord and advanced, there is 2 options:

  • Fast weapon switch
  • Enable developer console (~)

Check the second then quit CS:S, go to Steam, library, right click on CS:S and properties then go to "Set Launch Option". You must write "-console", then click on OK, now you have the Console in CS:S (the console is here when you start CS:S).

With the Console you can make "bind". Binds allow to make actions when you press a key (exemple: pressing a key send a message that goes in the chat)

To bind a key you must attend this training:

Messages: bind "key" "say ^^^" (replace ^^^ per the message you want to say, exemple: "hello").

Messages team: bind "key" "say team ^^^" (replace ^^^ per the message you want to say, exemple: "hello").

Buy bind: bind "key" "buy weapon; buy weapon" (replace weapon per the name of the weapon).

Command bind: bind "key" "command" (replace command per the name of the command)

Unbind a key: unbind "key"

The List of the Weapons:

  • Pistols: usp, glock, p228, elite, fn47, deagle.
  • Shotguns: m3, xm1014.
  • Sub-machine Guns: mac10, tmp, ump45, mp5, p90.
  • Assault Rifles: m4a1, ak47, galil, sg552, g3sg1, famas, aug, sg550, scout, awp.
  • Machine Gun: m249.
  • Grenades: hegrenade, flashbang, smokegrenade.
  • Equipment: vesthelm, vest, nvgs, defuser.

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