IbizaGaming.Ru is one of the most popular servers Zombie in Russia. He is especially known (and sometimes infamous) for its VIP-services (players who pay every month for exclusive features), friendly, kind Administration.

Server featuresEdit

Normal playersEdit

For free players do not have custom skins man

Server is made in the style of Half-Life 2


1) Skin (selectable from the menu)

2) Trail (line player) (selectable from the menu)

3) Hat (selectable from the menu)

4) Immunity from afk manager

5) Additional mines - 3 pieces

6) Additional offensive and smoke grenades (first issued gun rounds) - 2 pieces

7) Tag (postscript [VIP] before the nickname), the ability to change the color of the tag, nickname, text chatting (color is selected from the menu)

8) Instant teleport for people - 3 pieces

9) Freeze smoke grenade to run only on the WE maps

10) Regeneration of the player's health (while playing for the people), up to 150 x


Their servers are located in Germany.

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