Kaemon is a mapper for Source SDK. In February 2016, he released ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor_v6. With the permission of the original author, Kaemon remade the whole map from scratch.

He is mostly known for having helped other mappers with their maps; most of the times learning them how to do or achieve specific things and teaching them specific mapping techniques; sometimes helping and teaching them to optimize their maps; other times making some little things for their maps (like models, small areas, prefabs) and many times helping as both a map tester and advisor.

Kaemon has started many projects that has then left for one or other reason. Is one of those persons (many people, not necesarly mappers, will relate) that gets great ideas and start working on them, but then gets bored with the process and/or has a new idea and drops the old one to start working on the new one, leaving all the projects unfinished.

Right now (August 2012) he is trying to finish his first CS:S Map, a Zombie Escape map based on the city of Junon from Final Fantasy VII, and inspired because of his love on both the ZE FFVII Mako Reactor for CS:S gameplay and the original Final Fantasy VII itself, wich has beaten several times.

One of his most known dropped projects is a MiniGame map for CS:S that was going to play like a 2D-Plataformer (something never seen before on a normal CS:S map). This video can be seen in Youtube where he tests an early version along with fellow mappers Hannibal and Luffaren:

Some examples of the maps where Kaemon is credited for helping the mapper are: ZE Paranoid, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Minas Tirith, ZE Predator Ultimate, ZE Hypernova, ZE PotC and ZE SG1 Misions. Sometimes Kaemon gets credited on maps he didn't even know about because he happened to help the mapper on Chat, Forum or Comment.

He often speaks with many mappers on Steam; but specially with Hannibal[SPA], Luffaren and Eddie, whose works are often shown and refered on the blog he shares with Hannibal:

He also has a small free forum where he tries to answer mapping questions, usually about everything, but initiatlly thought mostly for Zombie Escape related questions:

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