There are many, many players who continously ask how you can create a Zombie Escape map! In this page, we will try to explain you how to start with the mapping tool of Valve, and what specific things you should include in a zombie escape map and especially know what to do beforehand in order to make succesful first ze_map!

Basics Edit

  • If for some reason you never heard of Steam, then you are adviced to download it otherwise the guide ends here and you can't continue.
  • You need to owe at least 1 Source based game. Those are: Half-Life 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Portal, etc...
  • You must have Source SDK installed in order to start mapping, it is the essential tool which can make maps for the zombie escape community (as well as all other Source games, but those are not relevant to the Wiki!).
  • While Source SDK looks very complicated from the beginning, it is not really at all! It helps if you have already worked with other engines, but you should be able to understand all of the steps if you start from the beginning!
  • Patience and in rare occasions self-control can be a high requirement if you want to map for Source. There are many things that can easily go wrong and there are also a lot of limits which otherwise woudln't seem possible. Don't be discouraged by the first things that won't work! This is very normal and it takes many days or even weeks before it really starts working the way you want.
  • The only site which you should permanently have opened along with Hammer are the Source SDK docs which explain every single entity and tool inside Hammer. When you don't know an entity or anything to use in Hammer, search it there and you will find answers!

How to install Source SDK Edit

Open up [Steam

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