Materia is the name of some Special Items in zombie escape under specific scenarios, appear in the map ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor by Hannibal and the work-in-progress ze_FFVII_Junon by Kaemon. They appear to be sharply shinning spheres, and look like in gaseous state. Humans can pick up them by dropping their attached weapon, pistol, then use the materia's power to fight against zombies and bosses when needed.

Origin Edit

FFVII Ultima

Materia menu in Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation).

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children 20138917424

Yuffie holding a branch of materia in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children*.

As the above mentioned map names contain "FFVII", it obviously comes from Final Fantasy VII.

Materia is in fact in solid state - it is crystallized Mako energy, which equips specific abilities to the one who wields it. In Final Fantasy VII, Materia can be attached to empty slots on weapons or armors. When equipped, the character will gain additional abilities or be able to cast the relative magic spells. There will be no access to it after the materia is unequipped. Materia can be picked, bought, sold, trashed or even stolen. They are highly portable.

There are levels to classify materia as well: Various materia possibly have a maximum of 2 to 5 levels. The top level is also called the MASTER level. Materia promotes level by gaining Ability Points (AP), which can be acquired by kills with equipping it. Whenever a materia reaches the MASTER level, it stops growing itself, and gives birth to a new materia of the same kind with zero AP.

There are five types of materia in Final Fantasy VII.

  • Magic Materia – Equips magic spells. Green-colored.
  • Support Materia – Enhances the other materia's effect by linking. Blue-colored.
  • Independent Materia – Functions variously, including increase stats and add auto-abilities to the character. Purple-colored.
  • Summon Materia – Allows summoning creatures for battle aid. Red-colored.
  • Command Materia – Activates extra battle actions. Yellow-colored.

Magic and Support Materia in MASTER level have same abilities with their second highest level.

ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor Edit

In ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor, all the materia are Magic Materia, which enable their holders to cast the respective magic spells. They are attached to the pistol .40 Dual Elites.

Appearences Edit

  • Fire materia.
  • Ice materia.
  • Wind materia.
  • Electro materia.
  • Earth materia.
  • Heal materia.
  • Gravity materia.
  • Ultima materia.

Materia in this map are spheres with different colors and effects. Other than Gravity, they emit bright lights to be clearly visible by other players. When held, they float in front of the holders. If the magic is cast, or they are used, they will disappear until the cool down expires. When a materia is picked the first time on the round, a console message will appear notifying all players.

Nature Edit

More specifically, the materia should be "pistols with a materia attached". Same as other Special Items, players cannot pick up only the materia, but also the Dual Elites. Meanwhile, if you drop the pistol with materia attached after activating its ability, the effect is still present.

The most clear example is the usage of Ultima. Since it is only a one-use, it is worth consider to drop it at the preferred location of explosion, like the final hold area before taking the bridge to the final room. The explosion area is calculated in respect to the location of the pistol it attached, not where the user is.

Powers and Usages Edit

The following table will introduce (row to row) the magic spells of the materia, their specific abilities in levels 1 to 3, along with supporting notes in normal text and hints to player in point form. The rightmost column describes how Bahamut in Extreme II uses the materia and how humans deal with them.

Materia are at Level 1 in Normal, Level 2 in Hard, and Level 3 in all other levels respectively. Except Ultima, all with unlimited uses, 55 seconds of cool down[1] (for Electro, start the counter when all charges are used[1]).

Materia Human uses Bahamut RED uses (Extreme II)
Fire Ignites zombies in a certain area for a certain period. Hurts humans close to him.
Ignites by a brief frontal cone created. Ignites by a firewall following the user for 10 seconds. Ignites by a huge area following the user, similar duration.

Ignited zombies have decreased moving speed. Zombies always burn for the same duration, which can be restored to full even for already ignited zombies once they enter the area.

  • Can be used to unfreeze zombies.
  • Deals a damage of around 175 hit points to Bahamut by using this materia.[1]
  • Dodge by going to the Reactor.
Ice Freezes zombies in a certain area for a certain period. Freezes, later then slows humans[1]. Humans still can shoot.
Small area in front of the user, for 6 seconds. Same area with Normal, noticeable longer duration. Huge area around the user, same duration with Hard.

Trapped zombies cannot move nor forced to move, but the knockback power done to them are still accumulated. When the freeze expires, all the power will release at once, so the zombies who were shot when they are frozen will move massively backwards.

  • Can be used to unignite zombies; Fire and Gravity materia can instantly unfroze them.
  • Consider shooting the heads of the frozen zombies.
  • Slows Bahamut and delays his final attack[?] by 5 seconds[1].
  • Keep shooting.
Wind Pushes zombies back in a certain way. Repels humans towards the Reactor and spreads outside.
In front of the user, push lightly (may depends on server settings) for about 5 seconds[1]. Similar to Normal, but with increased power. Around and follows the user like a tornado, push arguably less powerful than Hard.
  • Due to its pushing direction, in Normal and Hard it is used for briefly protecting a small group of people.
  • In Extreme levels, if used in correct places, it can protect all or most of the humans.
  • No effect to Bahamut.
  • Stand off the barrier (always, except when Electro is being casted), or you will drop off.
Heal Restores health of humans around to the maximum HP of the level. Heals himself by 150 hit points.[1][2]
Up to 100 HP, effective for those in the ring[1]. Up to 150 HP, nearby the user (larger area than level 1). Up to 225 HP, along with 6 seconds of invulnerability. Humans nearby[1].
  • In Normal, basically it is used to cure humans' fall damage taken.
  • In higher levels, maximize humans' health to be able to survive Bahamut's attacks with increased strength. Use it just before the fight.[1]
  • For Extremes, protect humans at spots that are impossible to hold the full duration by normal weapons.
  • For Extreme II, you must use it if Bahamut casts Ultima, when it is 3 seconds to explosion, or all humans will die.
  • Keep shooting. Shoot for 150 bullets more.
Electro Hurts zombies lightly in the specific area. Hurts humans on the level of the bridge.
Up to 1 charge at the same time. Up to 2 charges at the same time. Up to 3 charges at the same time.

Players will be slowed down by damage ticks.

  • Best to use it at places require full jumps.
  • Use only at important holds in Normal, then gradually use more until Extreme II.
  • Deals a damage of 85 hit points to Bahamut by using each charge of this materia.[1] It will be 170 in total for level 2, and 255 for level 3.
  • Dodge by standing at higher places, at least on the barrier.
Earth Creates a wall in front of the user. Creates a wall in front of him for protection.
Lasts for 6 seconds at any level.

The wall's HP is also bullet- or hit-based. It can be quickly destroyed if people are shooting it. Also, it will trap everyone -

  • Only use it when you are at the last.
  • There were cases that someone use it at the front of the team and blocks most humans. He was then slayed for "Earth-trolling".
  • No effect to Bahamut.
  • Destroy it to be able to damage him again.
Gravity Creates a black hole and sucks zombies. Creates a black hole attracting humans towards him. Those who touch him will get hurt.
Lasts for around 6 seconds at any level. Zombies nearby will be slowed down also.[1]

Sucked zombies cannot escape until the effect ends, launches zombies like an explosion of HE grenade.

  • It will be very successful if used at correct places such as the tube trail people leave the Reactor's core, or as poor as a failnade at wrong locations.
  • Can be used to unfreeze zombies.
  • Deals a damage of 135 hit points to Bahamut by using this materia.[1]
  • Keep running backwards.
Ultima Do not spawn in Normal. Explodes and instantly kills zombies after a charge of 20 seconds. Makes a huge area of red light while charging, then explodes and kills all humans after 20 seconds.
Effective within a certain area around the materia, except the zombie cage in the Reactor's core to prevent abuse.
In Extremes, zombies have 50,000 HP, so this is the only way to kill.
  • For killing the final Bahamut in Extreme II, it is best to make Ultima explodes right after the final hold door opens. To do this, count 16 seconds after the console message "Door opens in 35 seconds" after taking the returning elevator trip.[1] Effective at anywhere.[1]
  • Deals a damage of 1,750 hit points to Bahamut by its explosion.[1]
  • Use Heal materia and survive by the invulnerability effect. Count and use it 7 seconds after the console message "ULTIMA CAST WILL SUCCED IN 10 SECONDS" appears.[1]

Note that the materia can affect Bahamut wherever they are used.[1] You are not required to aim.

Effects Gallery Edit

The following table shows the appearances of materia when being used.

Materia Type
Fire LVL 1 LVL 2
1 fire 2 fire
LVL 3 Bahamut RED
3 fire 4 fire
Ice LVL 1 LVL 2
1 ice 2 ice
LVL 3 Bahamut RED
3 ice 4 ice
Wind LVL 1 LVL 2
1 wind 2 wind
LVL 3 Bahamut RED
3 wind 4 wind
Heal LVL 1 LVL 2
1 heal 2 heal
LVL 3 Bahamut RED
3 heal 4 heal
Electro LVL 1
On hand Using
1 electro hand 1 electro
On hand Using
2 electro hand 2 electro
On hand Using
3 electro hand 3 electro
Bahamut RED
4 electro
Earth Human Bahamut RED
0 earth 4 earth
Gravity Human Bahamut RED
0 gravity 4 gravity
Ultima Human Bahamut RED
0 ultima 4 ultima

Similarities to Final Fantasy VII Edit

Whether a player can cast a magic or not, is depends on if he equips the materia. This is same as Final Fantasy VII. Special items in zombie escape also can be dropped, picked by another player and used.

In the map the materia may look mysterious to new players, and questioned in their head how could they just be picked around the floors so easily. This is true to Final Fantasy VII too. Even though some of them are guarded by bosses or secretly located, some are just left on the main walkway that you must cross along.

With proceeding materia levels in Final Fantasy VII, some of them will unlock higher magic, some will not, some even have no magic to use until level 2. Similar to this map, the Fire, Ice, Wind and Heal materia have unique forms of magic in all levels, which can be interpreted as magic levels. There is no magic for level 1 Ultima in Final Fantasy VII; the absence of spawn in Normal is a wonderful match with this. There are materia with only levels 1 and MASTER too, although they are not "Electro" (Lightning), Earth or Gravity.

Differences to Final Fantasy VII Edit

Some materia in this map differ from those in Final Fantasy VII.

  • The "Electro" materia is called Lightning materia, with Lightning element.
  • The "Wind" materia does not exist, only the Wind element does.
  • The "Heal" materia should be called Restore materia to be more appropriate. Instead, Heal is in fact to cure poison and other abnormal states, while Restore is to restore HP.

Except Ultima, in Final Fantasy VII, all the other 7 materia could only equip single-target spells, or hit all the enemies with an All materia linked, while in this map, or usually, generally in zombie escape maps, they are in area basis.

For more comparisons, see also: #Explanation and Comparison Table.

In this map when the use key is pressed, the materia will disappear until its cool down expires. However, in Final Fantasy VII players do not "use materia", instead they just enable magic castings. They are to be equipped only.

Also, originally MP is costed after casting a magic, but with unlimited use if MP is enough. In zombie escape, usage of special items are usually limited by cool down time, or other methods, but never a value attached to the character himself. (HP or armor would be examples. Some items have no cool down time but limited times of usage, but it is attached to the item itself.)

There are some minor differences like size, color, apparent state (gas/solid) and where they are equipped (floating/on weapon slots).

ze_FFVII_Junon Edit

See also: ze_FFVII_Junon

As a map being developed years after Mako Reactor, Junon is summarizing the experience that players has got to make improvement. The old map has drawn attention to its base Final Fantasy VII, more and more zombie escape players are starting to know about its original.[?] Also, the map developer Kaemon is a fan of the video game.[3] Junon has been taken more reference to the video game, especially at its Special Items, materia.

Materia and Types of Materia Edit

The types of materia introduced in the Origin section, are applied here, although it is not very much. From the blog entries of Kaemon, it is known that the proposed map is classifying its 17 kinds of materia in two types: Base Materia and Support Materia.[4] There will probably be the following materia with this classification:

Base Materia Edit

Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Gravity, Time, Poison, Restore, Barrier and Wind Materia. 11 in total.

Base Materia is the type for the "normal" ones same as those in Mako Reactor, and it is also called Magic Materia in respect to its origin. In the view of zombie escape mod, Base Materia are Special Items which are attached to pistols, and can be used by humans. Whenever used, there will be effects to humans or zombies. All of them have unlimited use with 60 seconds[4], up to 120 seconds[5] of cool down.

Conclusively there are 9 Base Materia to be used for attacking zombies, with Time and Restore the exception. It is found that it will be quite an excessive "abuse" to zombies if 9 of these materia are used one by one. In result it is proposed to spawn only 5 materia a round, under the following subcategories.[5]

  • Slowing down - Fire and Poison
  • Stopping - Ice and Gravity
  • Blocking - Earth and Barrier
  • Pushing - Wind and Water
  • Ticking - Lightning

Details of Base Materia effects will be discussed later.

Support Materia Edit

All, MP Turbo, W-Magic, Final Attack, Fast Recovery and Cuadramagic Materia. 6 in total.

Support Materia are materia which are collaboratively used with Base Materia and have supportive functions. They cannot be picked and affect alone. In the map they are areas only for Base Materia holders to touch with[4], this action is simulating the action in Final Fantasy VII that equipping materia each from one of these two types on a set of two linked slots.

This system exists as a replacement of materia leveling up, which is in Mako Reactor. The mixture of Base and Support Materia, called Combined Materia in the map, gain additional power from Support and effect as variants of Base.[4] This implies that the more the Support Materia exist, the more power the CT team is. However, it is not mentioned in the blog that how the number of Support Materia changes from map level proceeding.

A Base Materia have only one chance to combine with a Support Materia, after all it will become a Combined Materia and have no access to reverse action within the round.[4] Combined Materia is a new form of Base Materia, and may be able to be passed to other players with remaining the form. However this is still a doubtful say as it is not mentioned what will happen if a Combined Materia is dropped, and is there 11 Special Items or 77 possible Items.

Additionally, not all of the 6 Support Materia are in the Support type in Final Fantasy VII, in fact with 2 exceptions. The map is only adapting the idea of "linking" or "combining" two materia, and putting all materia not in Magic into the Support category. This will be explained in detail.

Appearances Edit

Materia in Junon will be also spheres and have effects surrounded to be clearly visible as other Special Items, and scattered around in the map. They will be basically similar to those in Mako Reactor[6][?], with one addition that kanjis related to the Base Materia will be at the center of the spheres[4]. Due to limited knowings Kaemon had to ask for assistance, and this is the reason why the blog entry is partly named "Kanji Help?".

There are some sets of suggested kanjis open to all in the comment section of that entry, basically only includes Base Materia, unless the kanji for Support Materia also "feel right" to look at[4]. This is however only seen as custom additions since only katakanas for the foreign words are used even in the Japanese Final Fantasy series. Meanwhile, as most Base Materia feature in one element, it is good to also refer to the element names, especially they are in kanjis.

Materia Set 1* Set 2* Set 3* Set 4* Final Fantasy series
Final Fantasy VII[8]
Fire 火炎 ほのお
Water -
Ice 凍結 れいき
Lightning いかずち
Earth 大地 だいち
Gravity 重力 重力 じゅうりょく
Time - じかん
Poison 猛毒 どく
Restore 回復 回復 or 癒 回復 かいふく
Barrier - バリア
Wind 突風 -
All - ぜんたいか
MP Turbo - MPターボ
W-Magic - Wまほう
Final Attack - ファイナルアタック
Fast Recovery - -
Cuadramagic - まほうみだれうち

A blank cell indicates that the person did not provide for the corresponding materia, while "-" means that is not an element, or the materia does not exist in Final Fantasy VII.

Correction Edit

Referred to Final Fantasy VII, some materia names are corrected in Junon, comparing with Mako Reactor. There are two, "Electro" into Lightning, and "Heal" into Restore.[4] This is stated as a difference in the Mako Reactor comparison section, now it is get resolved. However, Restore is still referred as "Heal" sometimes; Barrier is once referred as "Shield" too.[5]

Reverse Edition Edit

Contrast to correction, there is an aspect that Mako Reactor do it closer to the original game.

As mentioned most materia have levels for upgrading. When a materia goes up a level, its ability will gain, or gives birth to a new materia, or both. There should be new spells unlocked for Magic (Base) Materia, as well as more useable times allowed for Support Materia. However Junon is disabling this, there will be no more new spells for Base Materia, nor making them more powerful.

Bear in mind that this section is only for curious people comparing the map and the video game. It is a mapper's decision for setting up the power of his map's Special Items. Although it is not well said for that "leveling by combining Support Materia" as both enhancement aspects leveling and combining have their own field, this is only from the video game's view. It is perfectly fine to assume all materia remain the same level throughout all difficulties of Junon, too.

Explanation and Comparison Table Edit

Junon has 17 kinds of materia, far more than the 8 of Mako Reactor, with replacing Ultima there are at least 10 new ideas to be introduced. The following table describes their abilities, as well as what the related materia is in Final Fantasy VII and a comparison, for those who want to know.

Materia ze_FFVII_Junon Final Fantasy VII Notes and Comparison
Magic Materia
Referred as Base Materia. One category out of the five. In ZE the two types have a base and add-on relation in between, may lead to this title.
Same as in Mako Reactor[9], they allow humans to use them as Special Items, and "cast spells". They can be equipped into any slots, with their related spells, and positive and/or negative stat changes. Technically there is still a stat change for ZE players picking up materia: the pistols they use are not selectable. This may affect attack power and rate.
The spells release objects which affect players in the map, or change the status of some humans, but deal no or nearly zero damage. The spells are primarily used to injure enemies in certain elements and/or methods. Some of them also/instead inflict statuses. In ZE there are more various ways to stop zombies indirectly, but no more attacking.
Effective in a certain area; can be dodged by avoiding it. Effective to usually one selected target; may be dodged by high level and luck stat. CS: S runs in 3D open areas.
Their basic forms remain unchanged in map difficulty changes.[4] Stronger magic spells will be unlocked by leveling up. The change of form of spells in Junon is handed over to the players' choices by combining Support Materia, instead of a scheduled upgrading.
With a fixed cool down within the range of 1[4] to 2[5] minutes. Magic spells can be cast each move with costing MP. The idea of "move" is partly replaced by cool down time. It is not fully because gap between "moves" is also in time basis. The difference is that in ZE only materia using is counted as a "move", while in Final Fantasy VII only battle actions are.
Another interpretation is that cool down is adapting MP, see MP Turbo.
Unlimited use. Unlimited use as MP is enough. The charge system attached to the ZE player, parallel to MP, does not exist.
Fire Creates a brief frontal cone which ignites and unfreeze zombies.[9] Equips Fire, Fire2 and Fire3 magic, which damage enemies with Fire element. The purpose is completely shifted.
Greatly increases effective area[10] if All is combined. Hits all opponents, with separate flames for each opponent (Fire and Fire2) or an enlarged fire ball (Fire3) while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the igniting, effective duration[11][?] and cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Damages harder and costs more MP while MP Turbo is linked.[13] Junon is making MP parallels to cool down.
Water Creates a tidal wave[?] and pushes zombies away[14]. The materia does not exist. The Enemy Skill Aqualung and summon Leviathan are useable by the ally and inflict Water elemental damage. The purpose is completely shifted.
The effective area will become wider or surround the user[10][?] with All combined. All is not applicable since Aqualung and Leviathan already hit all opponents by default. Not comparable.
Pushes the zombies harder[11] and increases the cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Damages harder and costs more MP for Leviathan while MP Turbo is linked. Not possible to link with Aqualung.[13] Pushing harder is a derivative of increasing power.
Ice Freezes zombies in the ice area spawned in front of the user for a while.[9] Equips Ice, Ice2 and Ice3 magic, which damage enemies with Ice element. The ZE version is much more closer to the Stop status inflict by Time materia in Final Fantasy VII, than of Ice.
The effect of combining All is similar to that of Fire[10], with ice effects.
Increases freezing duration[11] and cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Similar to that of Fire.
Lightning Creates a visible electrical field which hurts zombies lightly.[9] Equips Bolt, Bolt2 and Bolt3 magic, which damage enemies with Lightning element. The purpose is completely shifted.
The effect of combining All is similar to that of Fire[10], with lightning bolt effects.
Increases the duration the field lasts[11] and cool down[12], if MP Turbo is combined. Similar to that of Fire.
Earth Creates a wall in front of the user which blocks everyone. Can be broken by shooting or knifing.[9] Equips Quake, Quake2 and Quake3 magic, which damage non-aerial enemies with Earth element. The purpose is completely shifted.
The wall greatly becomes wider[10][?] if All is combined. Hits all opponents, quaking each opponent separately with the same effect (Quake) or all by covering the entire party (Quake2 and Quake3) while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the wall's HP[?], lasting duration[11] and casting cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Similar to that of Fire.
Gravity Creates a black hole which sucks and then launches zombies.[9] Equips Demi, Demi2 and Demi3 magic, which damage enemies with Gravity element. Gravity-based damages are calculated by a fraction of the target's current HP.[15] The purpose is completely shifted.
The black hole could suck zombies from farther distance[10][?] if All is combined. Hits all opponents with the same effect separately to each opponent, while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the duration the black hole stay[11], its launching power[?] and cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. No damage change, but still suffers from MP cost increase when MP Turbo is linked.[16] Not comparable.
Time Temporary makes the holder moves faster.[17]

Equips the following magics which inflict statuses with the same names:[18]

  • Haste - Double the rate of time gauge filling up; for an ally.
  • Slow - Half the above rate; for an enemy.
  • Stop - Stop the gauge from filling for a while; for an enemy.
Only Haste is transferred to Junon, or it is the same as a level 1 Time materia.
The main purpose of using this materia is enabling faster trigger activations, like starting up the timer-doors.[17] As Haste status accelerates the battle flow, it is partly related to Final Fantasy VII.
It will put humans around the user in Haste too[10][?] if All is combined. Inflicts statuses in a unit of party while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the moving speed and/or[?] the duration[11] in Haste, and cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. No change for the statuses, but still suffers from MP cost increase when MP Turbo is linked.[16] The variables for magnitude and duration of the status exists in ZE, but only are constants in the video game.
Poison Poisons zombies, which damages, slows and confuses them.[14][17]

Equips Bio, Bio2 and Bio3 magic, which damage enemies with Poison element and inflict Poison status. The status injures constantly and never expires unless it is cured by items or magics of the Heal materia.

The speed decrease can be interpreted as a status in ZE.
The effect of combining All is similar to that of Fire[10], with poison effects.
Increases the cool down[12] and some other related parameters[?] if MP Turbo is combined. Damages, poisons harder and costs more MP if MP Turbo is linked.[13] Besides cool down and MP cost, there may be some other possible adaptions.
Restore Changes HP of the humans nearby to maximum.[9]

Equips two types of magic:

  • Cure, Cure2 and Cure3 - Restores HP of a target by a fixed level of amount.
  • Regen - Inflict Regen status that makes the target regenerate HP from time to time, for a period.
It is different that in ZE it is restoring to a fixed HP, while in Final Fantasy VII it is by a fixed HP level. The FullCure magic of the Full Cure materia from the video game maybe closer to the ZE version.
Regen do not exist in ZE, but it is possible to simulate the status by damaging humans constantly with a negative value.
Changes HP of humans in a larger area[10], maybe the entire team[?], if All is combined. Cures or inflicts Regen in a unit of party while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the maximum HP curable[?] to and the cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Cures more HP[13] but no change for Regen[16], and costs more MP, if MP Turbo is linked. The same cool down-MP adaption.
Barrier Creates a wall in front of the user which blocks zombies only. Cannot be broken.[17]

Equips the magics

  • Barrier, MBarrier, - Makes a target resistant to physical and magical attacks respectively.
  • Reflect, - Makes a target reflects magical attacks up to 4 times.
  • and Wall - Creates both Barrier and MBarrier.

Both versions are protective magics, but the location of the barriers are different - one is static and one is following characters. If it is said Barrier or Wall is protecting humans from being zombified, the invulnerability effect of level 3 "Heal" from Mako Reactor is more similar to Barrier in the original game.

A possible simulation of Reflect is to put humans in a status that damage zombies who knife them, and resist to infection.
The wall greatly becomes wider[10][?] if All is combined. Inflict statuses in a unit of party while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Increases the wall's lasting duration[11] and casting cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Similar to that of Time.
Wind Creates a strong wind and pushes zombies back.[9] The Wind materia does not exist, however there is the magic Tornado which inflicts extreme Wind elemental damage, and it is accessible by equipping the Contain materia.[19] The purpose is completely shifted.
The effective area will become wider or surround the user[10][?] with All combined. For Tornado, it will hit all opponents while All is linked. This is a simulation for an area-based environment.
Pushes the zombies harder[11] and increases the cool down[12] if MP Turbo is combined. Damages harder and costs more MP for Tornado while MP Turbo is linked.[13] Similar to that of Water.
Support Materia
The type other than Base. They must be used together with one Base Materia.[4] The type for materia with supportive functions to specified materia, which include All, MP Turbo, Final Attack, Quadra Magic and some other materia but not W-Magic and "Fast Recovery" materia. No effect when equipped alone. In Junon this is the only add-on type, while in Final Fantasy VII there are many other types for collaborative usage.
Support Materia can be picked by touching, but limited to Base Materia holders.[4] They can be picked dispute your materia inventory. In Junon Support Materia are not solid items like the game, but only checkpoints or areas which transform Base Materia.
They are effective only after touched with a Base Materia holder.[4] They are effective only when equipped in linked slots together with another valid materia. Both have similar outputs in combination, but in fact in the video game not all combinations are valid. Though, those appear in Junon are all valid.
Once Support is properly used, it will combine with the Base Materia into a "Combined Materia", which is a new form of the Base one. Never separable until the round ends.[4] Support and other materia can be placed anywhere freely at anytime. The link between materia slots enables the compound effect, but does not make the two materia fuse together. Ideally Junon may set Support Materia to be attached to primary weapons, and give out effects depend on the two Special Items picked up. The solution that they are fused, may due to the limitations in Source SDK, e.g. not possible to check both equipped Items.
The combination is known as the way to level up Base Materia in Junon.[4] Base are using Support to gain power, and this is the only way. Vast majority of materia have multiple levels and more than one level of effect strength, including 8 Support Materia out of the all 13 of this kind. Upgraded Support Materia will have higher power boost to the another linked materia, or more charges of effectiveness, for example. Junon is making Support Materia a system of upgrading Base Materia, while both types have their own levels originally. But as mentioned, if it is assumed materia in Junon do not "gain AP" (level up, in the sense of the video game) over difficulty changes, then there will be no apparent difference in this aspect.
All Increases the effective area[10] of any materia while linked with them. Makes a single-target spell effective to a whole party. In Final Fantasy VII battles there are only up to 3 allies and 5 enemies, in a small arena, thus All would not have too extreme power. However in ZE maps it is very common to have more than 40 members in a party, and scattered in a large area. It would be an abuse if all materia combined with All always affect all, thus it is limited to a certain place of the map.
Note that in ZE the effects are always in area-basis and All is increasing it, except for Time which only affects its holder before combining[17].
MP Turbo Increases the effect magnitude[11] inflicted by Fire, Water, Gravity, Time, (Poison,) Restore and Wind materia. Increases the damage or cure power of the related magics.[13] Elemental magics in Final Fantasy VII are mostly used for injury. In ZE they are ported into various kinds of effect. Increasing their magnitude of power is parallel to increasing damage.
Increases the stay duration[11] of special effect spawned by Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Gravity, Time, (Poison,) Barrier and Wind materia. Parameters related to statuses, for example effective duration, effect power and probability of successful infliction, could not be changed.[16] There are more complex parameters available in CS: S, which put the effect variety forwards. Final Fantasy VII did not achieve this.
Increases the HP of special effect[?] spawned by Earth materia.
Increases the cool down time between casts[12]. Increases the MP cost. As mentioned above, in Junon the using cool down of materia is parallel to the original MP cost.
Final Attack Use the materia right after the moment the holder dies or gets infected.[20] Use the materia after the character is killed by an enemy, as an automatic extra move. Part of this idea is ported fine as in ZE mode humans are known as dead when they get infected by zombie claws. However, in Final Fantasy VII it is only limited to deaths caused by enemy, but not normal or confused allies, while in ZE death of any kind, like boss attacks and fall damages, still accounts.
Use the materia regardless its cool down progress.[20] Use the materia with MP cost. If MP or the magic or summon itself is used up, the cast will fail. This shows the limitation is cancelled in ZE, on the view of cool down time paralleling with MP cost. However, limitation of time has much more serious impact in a real time environment. This cancelling grunts a reasonable power.
Cuadramagic Named "Cuadramagic". Known as Quadra Magic. "Quad-" relates to the number 4, thus the original makes much more sense. The Junon version name might be referred to verbal media.[?]
Use for spawning a lot more special effects. Features in largely damage a single target. In ZE the purpose of combining this is similar to All: increasing the effective area, but Cuadramagic allows the holder to choose the locations and use it more wisely. To spawn 4 effect pieces the time separation cannot be too long or it cannot altogether cover the places. The original one just focus on damage, and since it is not in real time, casting it one by one is only a matter of visual effects.
Use the materia 4 times consecutively within 3 seconds[21], i.e. use once right at the magic is cast, and 1 time per second after that, for 3 times. Use the materia 4 times, each time follows the previous.
Independent Materia
This type has not been introduced, also there is no materia in Junon oriented from this type in Final Fantasy VII. When equipped, there will be stat changes to the character. Can be equipped and affect solely. It can be interpreted that Special Weapons in Junon each have a pair of linked materia slots. Whether a Support or an Independent Materia is equipped on the another empty slot, it will affect the Magic Materia or the holder. There is no difference between these two cases because humans in Junon are limited to pick one Magic Materia only.
Some of the possible orientation sources of Fast Recovery is from the type Independent. See below.
Fast Recovery Shortens the cool down time of the Base Materia combined with.[22] The materia named "Fast Recovery" does not exist in Final Fantasy VII; there might be some possible replacements for reference:
  • MP Plus materia - Increases the maximum MP of the holder, by 10% each level, up to 50% for MASTER. Independent Materia.
As cool down time is parallel to MP level, mentioned above, increasing the maximum MP enables more spell castings. In long term average, more spells can be cast. In ZE the time of a complete round does not vary much, lowering the cool down time may increase its usage and simulate this.
  • HP<->MP materia - Exchanges the maximum HP and MP values of the holder, i.e. max MP amount will be the former max HP, and vice-versa. Independent Materia.
Similar to MP Plus this materia also increases the holder's max MP because max HP seldom lower than it. However the ratio is extreme: by using this the max MP normally increase by over 7 times, and HP will be lower than 1/7. As HP do not change in Junon, this is not the best simulation but just for reference.
  • Time materia - Equips Haste and some other magics. Magic Materia.
This is a time-oriented status magic, cutting the wait time by half for any battle actions. But this is a Magic materia, it does not collaboratively function with another Magic, or Base in Junon. The Haste status is also already attached to moving speed.
  • Sprint Shoes - Puts the player into Haste automatically. Accessory.
Similar to above, but this does not require a casting. However an accessory likes an Independent more than a Support Materia, which do not works with only one other materia, and can be equipped solely.
Command Materia
This type is included in the Support category. One of the five materia types. In Junon, materia out of the Base type would have supportive functions to them, thus all are listed as Support Materia.
Used for extending one kind of Base Materia use, the W-Magic. Used for enabling various battle commands. It is a part of ZE materia only, instead of the ZE game play, so it does not cover many functions.
W-Magic Grunts an extra charge to the Base Materia combined, as level 2 "Electro" in Mako Reactor.[23] Cast one more magic spell within the same move. Free to choose the magic spells from any of the available. Humans in Junon are limited to cast the same spell two times because there is only one magic available to one holder. When there are more than one, in Final Fantasy VII, the second spell can be any spell that is equipped on, no matter it is used at the first casting or not.
Cool down timer will start its count after the second casting, while there is no limitation in the time between two castings.[1][24] MP is cost separately for each casting. As previously mentioned, cool down time in ZE is closely related to MP in Final Fantasy VII. In Junon it is always the same spell being cast two times; refer to the video game, MP cost should be doubled. However, the cast separation can down to zero, as well as the extra cool down.
After combined, the spell must be cast two times, or otherwise the cool down time will never expires.[1][24] Regardless the target can or cannot be killed by one spell, when W-Magic is equipped, two magic spells must be selected before the action starts. In both games this materia fix it to two castings, but not an option between one or two. Though, this drawback in Junon is less significant because one can use up the two charges at once.
Classified into the Support category. Originally a Command Materia. Similar to Independent Materia, Command Materia affects all actions of the character, but in Junon there is no difference between affecting all or a single materia because there is only one Base Materia available to one player.
Required to be combined with a Base Materia.[4] Effective in any materia slots originally, instead of the limitation in linked slots, for Support Materia. The difference only appears conceptually but not practically, because the imaginary "materia slots" in Junon are already linked, only one pair to one player, and W-Magic cannot be used properly when solely equipped since there is no magic spell to cast.

ze_ShroomForest Edit

It is suggested that the Special Items in ze_ShroomForest by TaskuVaras are inspired by those in ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor, and claimed to be materia.[25] However, in the map there is no proof for this, as the Items are named "Fire", "Ice", instead of "Fire Materia", "Ice Materia" etc, for example.

Appearances Edit

The Items of ze_ShroomForest are in small sizes, floating in front of the holder as Mako Reactor, but in various shapes. For example, "Wind" is a gas sphere, while "Fire" is a mushroom with fire on it. If they are materia as suggested, they should be all spheres.

Every time an Item is picked, there will be a console message notifying all players.

Trivia Edit

  • "Materia" is the term for both singular and plural form.[26] It is a mistake to say "materias" under any circumstances.
  • The system of materia appears in Final Fantasy VII, as well as its derivative, the Compilation, and inspired Final Fantasy XIV only, instead of appearing in the entire Final Fantasy series. Do not confuse this especially with Final Fantasy XII, which the another popular zombie escape map ze_FFXII_Westersand oriented from.

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