Pushgun (predator)
Team Counter-Terrorists
Cooldown 15s
Uses Unlimited

The pushgun is a Special Item found in ze_Predator_Ultimate. It belongs to the defensive items and has the ability to push away zombies in an attempt to secure the backline when under pressure.


The pushgun spawns in the following locations:

Predatorv3 pushgun locationlvl1

After defeating the predator in the graveyard. (Normal Mode)


To activate the pushgun, press 'E' (or the keybind for 'use'). Only use the pushgun at choke points or to secure the backline. Since the pressure of the gun is high, a zombie might accidentically land on a sloped surface and/or bounce back, potentially causing a wipe when launched forward. As such, never use the pushgun when you are behind zombies.

Predatorv3 pushgun item effect

The push gun's fire effect.


  • The pushgun is often regarded as one of the more powerful special items in Predator, especially in Ultimate mode where it can clear away zombies trying to enter the final room, as well as making space for bullets to register into the alien.
  • The particle effect for the pushgun uses refraction. Low shader settings might render parts of the effect invisible.

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