Rock the vote, usually abbreviated as rtv is a plugin in servers that allows players to indicate their wish for an early vote over the current map. this is not a replacement of votemap but merely a vote that you can use if you would prefer to change the current map to any other.

Rock the vote works with a percentage that is based on the total amount of players, and it is that percentage of the players that need to rtv in order to vote early. Percentages depend from server to server but generally, 80% or 4/5 of the entire player count has to rtv in order for the vote to come. If a rtv has passed this percentage, and the nextmap is decided, that map will be loaded a couple of seconds after the vote regardless of the current map time and state.

If you want to rtv, simply open up the chat and type "rtv". Your vote will be registred permanently (you cannot undo this!). Rtv cannot be done during the beginning of the map to prevent abuse of the system and to prevent the same maps to be played over and over again.

Rock the vote will work before but also after the actual vote if rtv didn't happened by then. If this is the case, then the map that was chosen will be loaded immediatly at the end of the vote (also regardless of the current time and state).

In Zombie Escape Edit

  • Rock the vote is commonly used in Zombie Escape, often appearing on bugged and/or glitched maps or simply unstable, hard-to-run maps. Another rarer use is simply because the map is unwanted or unusually boring, eventually not following the basic zombie escape ruleset.
  • Rock the vote is sometimes also used as an accelerator for a map which has been won. Many players solely like to play the map until it's finished, and then rtv massivly in order to do another map to avoid repeated gameplay.

Notes Edit

  • Rock the vote is almost always included with the votemap and/or nominate plugin, but the votemap plugin is not always included with the rtv plugin on zombie escape servers. Differences are that with votemap you can already pre-vote a map so that when the votes comes up, you have already given your vote. Nominate is to nominate a map which you eventually want to make appear in a vote. sometimes, these last 2 are for donators or admins only.
  • Rock the vote is a personal decision, there is no one you should listen to if they force you to rtv!
  • Many players usually tend to trick other players by saying that there is only 1 last rtv left to vote while this isn't the case at all. Sometimes this will result in massive rtv's in just a couple of seconds. This is also known as rtv-fest or rtv-party.

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