This page contains all of the currently registred country flags for the server lists. To add any of these flags to your server IP, please use the following format: {{EN}} (= Zewiki uk flag).

Is your country not available? Please ask to add it in the talk page of this article!


  • {{AR}} Zewiki argentina flag = Spanish (National language in Argentina)
  • {{AU}} Zewiki australia flag = English (National language in Australia)
  • {{BG}} Zewiki bulgarian flag = Bulgarian
  • {{CZ}} Zewiki czech flag = Czechian
  • {{EN}} Zewiki uk flag = English
  • {{FR}} Zewiki france flag = France
  • {{PL}} Zewiki polish flag = Polish
  • {{RO}} Zewiki romanian flag = Romanian
  • {{RU}} Zewiki russia flag = Russian
  • {{SP}} Zewiki spain flag = Spanish

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