Skeletonpirate profile
Skeleton Pirate
Boss Yes
Appearance ze_Pirates_Port_Royal
Health 0 (base)
+ 50 (per human)
3150 (theoretical maximum)
Attacks 2
Difficulty Easy

The Skeleton Pirate is a boss who appears on the third level of ze_Pirates_Port_Royal. It is the first boss players encounter in the map.


The Skeleton Pirate uses total of 2 attacks and moves around like regular bosses. He has a normal attack that will (usually) instantly kill players on touch, and a special attack where he throws axes.


  • Uses on touch
  • 50000 damage
Avoid contact.
Throwing Axes
  • Throws 2
  • Deals 80
    damage per axe
  • Glow pink when
Avoid ice spikes.

Overall this boss can kill about 20% of the human team by the time it gets defeated. His most dangerous moveset is his default attack (slash) combined with the ability to run from one side of the area to the other in matter of seconds. Always run in circles away from him, and avoid contact with his body at all costs.

Piratesportv53 throwingaxemodel

Throwing Axes in detail.


  • Despite having throwing axes as a special attack, their damage is inferior to his basic slash which deals 50000 damage. The only way for his axes to kill a player instantly is when they both hit simultaneously, which almost never happens.
  • This boss can be slowed down and/or blocked with the aid of special items (like bubbles or wall). Consider using them the moment he spawns for maximum impact.


  • The axes on his actual model don't match the ones he throws. In addition, the total number of axes left shown above his head are the ones he actually throws, even though you can't see him throw them.