This section will cover all tutorials for the Source SDK for both Counter-Strike: Source as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. All techniques within Hammer that are relative to Zombie Escape should be posted here. This can help many mappers that are new to Zombie Escape to expand their budget in ideas to create a well fared ZE map with ease.


  • Look at this example to get started for a tutorial page.
  • All entities used in your tutorial should be redirected to the Source SDK Docs. Do not create entity pages here!
  • Do not create tutorials which have nothing to do with ze (This includes making a tutorial for MG, Surf, GG or any other type of mod (ZM is no exception!)).
  • Make a clear distinction between CS:GO tutorials and CS:S tutorials. This can in any case be done within the Tutorials properties infobox.
  • Feel free to add your username to the tutorial.
  • It's highly advised to sign up before creating a tutorial as it can help us greatly to conversate with you when things are not going accordingly! This can of course also be done via the talkpages.

Tutorials (SDK General)

Tutorials (CS:S specific)

Tutorials (CS:GO specific)

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