Some Zombie Escape maps have what people refer to as Special Items. Those are mostly divided into three major categories: Special Weapons, Monsters and Powerups. However sometimes some items fall between multiple categories or are something completely different on their own. Also one must notice that there is no general consensus nor official name for the Special Items, so different people may refer to them with different names. They can vary so much from map to map that a global name to refer them all wouldn't be accurate to describe all the different kinds.

Example: The Special Items in ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor are called Materia.

All the Special Items are made within the map editor and are designed, made and included in the map by the creator of the map himself if he decides to do so. For this reason the looks, power, functionality, performance, way of using and even how to obtain the Special Items varies from mapper to mapper, and many times even between maps from the same author. Sometimes this can happen even between items that are virtually the same, like from one Flamethrower to another one from another mapper. One may have limited fuel and the other won't; one will only push and briefly ignite the zombies while the other doesn't push but ignites them for a longer time... and you can be certain that both the Flamethrower and the Fire [[particle won't look the same (unless the second mapper ripped it from the first mapper).

They arguably only appear in "new generation" zombie escape maps (even if they can be made for any kind of map) and were really uncommon and unheard of not long ago.

Here is a list of the things that Special Items usually have in common:

  • They can't be bought in the same way you buy the normal equipment. Instead they are placed within the map by the map's creator in the places he choses to.
  • They are usually hidden or (moderatly) difficult to obtain. Most of the time the reason is to prevent newcomers from picking them over more experienced players.
  • They are usually very big and/or have some kind of display to make it clearly visible so other players can easily recognize someone holding a special item within a big group of players.
  • They are usually very powerful weapons or crucial to the map's gameplay.
  • They usually have some kind of limitation on its use to prevent abuse like limited fuel/bullets/charges, only one use, cooldown between uses, etc.

Arguably the first special item on a Zombie Escape map were the Ring and Gandalf's Staff on Hanniball's Ze LOTR Mines of Moria. He later added Saruman's Staff; and on his next map Ze LOTR Mount Doom introduced Earendil's Light and The Nazgul (the first Monster for zombies).

Always trying to make new things, Hannibal's fourth map, Ze Paranoid, introduced may Special Weapons for humans and even some Special Items and Monsters for Zombies. Paranoid first weapons (Freezer Gun, Flamethrower, Rocket Launcher, Giant Chainsaw and Vulcan Minigun) were somehow a revolution and something never seen before, and became a point of reference for mappers that wanted to study how they were made and wanted to copy or make them from scracth for their own maps.

Version after version Paranoid introduced more Special Items of all kinds and people started to want to include some special weapons on their own Zombie Escape maps, and Paranoid became a reference, if not for mapping (that map is really weird) at least for the mappers to learn how the complex Special Items were made.

Myself I would say it was the Mako Reactor Materias the ones that made the Special Items become main-stream and known to all the community. This map, as Paranoid and the LOTR series, was once made by Hannibal, so we could consider him the creator and introducer of the Special Items (weapons or not) with special effects apart from visuals to the Zombie Escape world.

Lately Hannibal started filtering some of his Special Items (most notably the Materias of Mako Reactor) so only the real owner could use it. Since the Special Items are made with the map editor and use things like buttons to get enabled, most weapons (if not properly filtered) can be griefed and abused by other players. This is particulary catastrofic when the item being abused is a key piece to archieve victory on that particular map; or when using at the wrong time could affect negatively the team that is suposed to help.

How to pick a Special Item?Edit

Most Special Items are parented to a normal weapon. Those are Knife, Grenades, Pistols or Primary Weapons. In order to pick a Special Item you need to drop the respective equiped weapon it is attached to (If the special item is attached to a pistol, you need to drop your pistol. If it is attached to a primary weapons, you'll need to drop your primary weapon). Since zombies can wear knives, all Special Items parented to other kind of weapon are meant for humans.

PISTOLS & PRIMARIES: With Pistols and Primaries is just as easy as droping it (default key G while holding the weapon) and picking up the version that contains the Special Item without having to worry when you do so. These kind of weapons can be dropped again and passed (or recovered in case of death) by other players.

GRENADES: If the Special Item is attached to a grenade, you must throw (you can't drop) your own grenade (if you have one) BEFORE touching the item. If you throw the grenade while touching the item you will destroy it as if the grenade you just threw was the one the item is attached to. The weapons that are parented to grenades are usually weapons meant for humans that don't support being passed to other players because of their Game UI system wich could crash the game or have conflicts if more than one player was able to control it on the same round.

KNIVES: The Special Items that are attached to Knives are usually meant for zombies (since it is the only weapon they can use), giving them special powers or transforming them into some kind of new monster (like Paranoid's Titan or Minas Tirith's Balrog). There are however some Special Items for humans attached to Knives. The Special Items attached to Knives can't be dropped at all and only disappear when the user dies. Since you can't drop your knife, this kind of items are surrounded by a trigger that will strip you from all your weapons (there is no way around it) so you lose your knife and can pick the one which contains the Special Item. For this reason you will lose all your normal weapons as a human and is usually a good idea to drop them before picking the item, so you can recover them afterwards.

DIRECTLY TO THE PLAYER: Some very uncommon Special Items will attach directly to the player instead of to a weapon that the player carries and so it only needs the player touching a trigger to get them. Because of some weird interactions with the engine this kind of items will still follow you after dying (on spectator) and even if the owner sees the item facing the right direction, everyone else (on an online game) will see the special item always facing the static direction it was facing when the owner died. (They will see it turning normaly if the owner is still alive). Because of these weird interactions (remaining parented after the player's death) it's not often used and when used it's meant for being used in spectator, so usually picking the item will kill you afterwards. Examples of this uncommon items would be the Ghost and Lost Smoke that appeared on some versions of Paranoid.


Mako reactor has a very special and specific variation of Special Items called Materia. The Materia was part of the magic system used by Square Enix on their original Final Fantasy VII in wich the map is based on. They are generally considered to be the inspirators/pioneers of all current special items/weapons because the success of the map and how they affect the gameplay.

All the materias listed here have 55 seconds of cooldown and do 0-1 of damage, with the exception of Ultima wich doesn't recharge and does enough damage to kill 50.000 HP zombies.

The Mako Reactor Materias are:

Heal Materia: This materia has the ability to heal humans inside it's range (100 HP on the Normal Mode, 150 HP on the Hard Mode and 225 HP along with 6 seconds of invulnerability on the Extreme Modes). The invulnerability (listed as "You are now Invulnerable" in game) makes you inmune to being zombified and makes Bahamuth's Mega Flare attack do no damage for its duration, even if you weren't affected by the materia yourself. The healing range itself is a pretty small area around the materia owner that follows him for the duration.

Ice Materia: This materia creates an area of ice in front of the user that freezes the zombies inside for around 6 seconds on Normal Mode. On Hard Mode the area becomes noticeable longer while the duration is almost the same. On Extreme Modes it becomes a huge area all around the user. As all materias that slow or freeze, the speed given back to the ones affected by it its decided by the mapper; so frozen zombies could get a speed boost (or nerf) after the effects wears of, depending on server settings. Also, knockback still affects frozen zombies even if they can't move: when they are allowed to move again all the knockback that they recived will act at once, usually making them fly backwards. (Notice that ice will un-ignite zombies ignited by Fire Materia)

Fire Materia: On Normal Mode this materia creates a brief and small frontal cone of fire that ignites the zombies inside. On Hard Mode it makes a firewall that follows you for 5 seconds with the same effects. On the Extreme Modes the firewall becomes a huge area all around the user and its duration is increased again. (Notice that fire will un-froze zombies frozen by Ice Materia).

Wind Materia: On Normal Mode this materia will create a small wind push in front of the user that can slow the zombies, but isn't strong enough to push them back (may be able depending on server settings). On Hard Mode both the push and area are increased, and is very effective to send zombies far away. On Extreme Mode the area becomes a tornado surrounding the user and even if arguably less powerful than its Hard counterpart, it becomes extremely usefull to remain safe for some seconds while completly surrounded by zombies. Using this materia whilel giving your back to the zombies on Normal and Hard won't have any effect, since the push is only in front of you. Also, using it while being behind of zombies will probably push them into the humans ahead and is considered griefing.

Electro Materia: This materia remains the same on all game modes, and instead of becoming more powerful gains an aditional charge, having 2 on Hard and 3 on Extreme Modes. It creates an area in the ground that hurts (only for 1 damage) the zombies inside. The idea is not to help you killing the zombies, but to slow them with the ticks of damage. Its particulary usefull on places where the zombies need to make a long jump or walk while crouching, where the damage ticks become more noticeable. This materia used to make more damage, but many players were abusing it to kill winning humans in the final bunker when the engine turned them back to terrorist team. Its particle also got drastically reduced because it lagged many players and made it really hard to see zombies throught it, making them more of a help for the zombies than the humans it should.

Earth Materia: Earth materia remains the same all the difficulties. When used it will create a wall of earth in front of the user that completly blocks the path and stays for around 6 seconds. This wall can be broken by human damage and will be destroyed easily if placed while they are shooting. Earth blocks humans aswel, so you must be careful when placing it so you don't left behind any teammate and to make sure the wall won't get destroyed before people can react to its aparition. (Note that this materia will automatically break while inside of the elevator to prevent blocking humans there on purpouse).

Gravity Materia: Like Earth, this materia remains the same throught all the difficulties. It creates a black hole (even if sometimes is colored) that will suck all near zombies towards its center. Once caught inside it, it's arguably inescapable until it wears off, wich is around 6 seconds. This materia can be the most successful one at stopping zombies if used correctly, but at the same time it can be fatal for humans if used wrongly, since when used at close range it will still attract the zombies but they will be in range of infesting you. (Notice that Gravity will un-froze zombies frozen by Ice, since it gives a slow value).

Fun Fact: The particle used for Gravity recives camera input (like a monitor). If you played previously a map with a camera and a monitor (like Paranoid) the last image you loaded from the camera may show inside of Gravity.

Ultima Materia: This is the most powerful materia in Mako Reactor and the only one that can only be used once. It remains the same throught all difficulties but doesn't spawn on Normal. It creates a big green area of light while charing; after charging for 20 seconds it will explode killing all zombies that are close enough to it. (Notice that Ultima won't kill zombies in Zombie Cage to prevent abuse on them when they are forced all together on that location).

All materias with the exception of Wind can help you fight Bahamuth. Heal can help you survive longer, Ice will froze him and delay his final attack by 5 seconds, Ultima will do massive damage (around 1.700 hits) and the rest will do around 150 damage to him when used.


Westersand's Special Items are called Magicks. But there are also 8 knifes items, 4 for humans & 4 for zombies.

All the magics listed here have 60 seconds of cooldown (except wind, water and earth which has 65 seconds of cooldown since version v7) and do 0-1 of damage, with the exception of Holy which doesn't recharge and does enough damage to kill 50.000 HP zombies.

Water Staff: Slows down zombies significantly for approximatly 5 seconds.

Fire Staff: Creates a wall of fire and ignites any zombies that touch it.

Heal Staff: Heals CT's and grants them invincibility for a small amount of time.

Earth Staff: Creates a low, thick earth wall that covers a large area. Zombies can get stuck or even spawn in it.

Electro Staff: Electrifies the ground, slowing down and damaging zombies in the process.

Wind Staff: Spawns a big round tornado that pushes zombies back.

Holy Staff: Creates a giant beam/sphere of light and has a very large area of effect. When it detonates, it will kill all zombies inside the area of effect.

Ashe Cloak: Special attack: Stabs zombies and deals between 4000 to 5000 damage.

Vaan Cloak: Sprinter. Has 2 sprint-charges since v7 (4 in older versions).

Balthier Cloak: The healer which heals nearby players.

Basch Cloak: Has the ability to push back zombies with great knockback.

Zombie Heal: Heals zombies for a great amount of health. (Useful for countering Ashe)

Lure Knife: This pulls any nearby CT's into the lurer (=zombie).

Warp Knife: Kills nearby humans.

Zombie Invisibility: Turns all zombies nearby the activator invisible.


On Minas tirith there are a lot of Special Items. This video by Tony Montana covers all information about them (what they are and how to use them).

Tony Montana's Minas Tirith Item Guide on Youtube
Note that the video explains the items found on the v2_2fix version of Minas Tirith which is missing the ladder item.)

You can also get the list of Items/Characters on the Ze LOTR Minas Tirith/Map guide.


Mines of Moria is the first zombie escape map with special items.

The Gandalf's staff: the Gandalf's staff repel zombies and it have 60 seconds cooldown.

The Saruman's staff: the Saruman's staff make white sparks which hurts zombies and it have 50 seconds cooldown.

The Ring: the Ring hasn't a power but in Mines of Moria, it break the wooden plank at the end.


Mount Doom is the first zombie escape map with a zombie item.

The Earendil Light: the Earendil light repel zombies during approximately 20 seconds and it have 40 seconds cooldown.

The Ring: the Ring hasn't a power but on Mount Doom, you must throw the Ring in the volcano to destroy it.

The Nazgul: the Nazgul is a zombie item, he can fly and kill humans knifed by the zombie who control it.

The Radio: the Radio play music when you use it.


Push Gun: 15 Secs of Cooldown, it pushes zombies away. Powerful item, if used at the propper location

Minigun: Requires E Spamming; you can fire non-stop if well timed. Hurts & Pushes zombies, abusable. Overheats if spammed and can't be used for a while. It's possible to glitch it, and use it without overloading.

Claymore Mines: Contains 10 droppable claymore mines; they will explode on zombies that get too close, hurting and briefly igniting them.

Grenade Launcher: Contains 15 grenades; they will hurt and ignite zombies if hit wall next to zombies

Flamethrower: Has 30 seconds of fuel, can easily be turned on and off. It hurts and ignites zombies briefly; also pushes them while under the flame.

Gauss Rifle: 120 Secs of Cooldown. Will shoot a killing laser-like projectile that will instantly kill any zombie that touches it. Its quite hard to aim unless used in crowded small places. Its a very (too much) powerful weapon on servers that won't allow dead zombies to respawn; was made with !zspawn ON in mind.

Impulsor: Only 1 charge. Will trigger automatically if a zombie gets close enough. Will push zombies away a great distance.

Ammo Crate: Only 1 use. Will give unlimited ammo +NoReload to the humans in the area for about 10-15 seconds. Great to increase the damage output against the Predators, however it can't be obtained against Normal nor Hyper Predator (weapons are obtained after killing those) and is not that usefull for Hard and Ultimate Predators because they move non-stop and are quite deadly for groups of people.

Alien Sample: A jar full with Alien Xenomorph Blood, wich is like green acid. It will create a stain of flaming blood in the ground for 10 seconds that will ignite zombies touching it for 30 seconds; so its usually a good idea to avoid it or wait until it runs out if can't be avoided.

Alien Device: The only Special Weapon that hurts Ultimate Predator. Does around 600 bullets of damage. Also greatly slows the zombies in the area around where it was used for several seconds. Is the only weapon that always appears (100%) on his own place (in the last room before the pushing-corridors that lead to Ultimate Predator). The rest of the weapons appear completly randomly in the designed places; the random weapons can also be an Alien Device.

First Aid Kit: Can be found at 5 locations in Normal/Hard, and then at 2 locations in Hyper/Ultimate (in a truck, or before the C4 area). It heal you and your teammates, and give 100 HP. Good to use at boss.


With up to 40 Special Items, Paranoid is easily the map with most Special Items. At this time (Paranoid Rezurrection V11.5) it contains 26 for humans, 12 for zombies, and 2 neutral items for either team.

Humans's Special Items

1. The Freezer Gun: One of the original 4 Special Weapons. When used it will shoot a ball of cold that will freeze zombies in an area after exploding; it explodes on impact. Can only be shoot once before needing to cooldown, at wich point a noise and a particle will appear to indicate its ready again. Special Zombies and Monsters that may remove the frozen status if they have a special move that changes (or even freezes) their speed.

2. The Flamethrower: One of the original 4 Special Weapons. Shoots flames in a frontal cone that will do moderate damage and ignite zombies. It has limited fuel, so don't keep it throwing flames when they are not needed. Many times is worth enabling it for just half a second just to get the zombies ignited. If enough fuel is saved for The Core final stand, its a very powerful weapon that will keep hurting and igniting zombies.

3. The Giant Chainsaw : One of the original 4 Special Weapons. This weapon is the only one that doesn't need to be used since its allways active (even before picking it up!). It will greatly hurt and push zombies with its giant saws. The weapon still hurts zombies when is laying on the floor after the owner dropped it on purpouse or upong death.

4. Rocket Launcher: One of the original 4 Special Weapons. When used it will shoot a bouncy rocket that will hurt and push zombies on impact. A new rocket can be shoot around every 10 seconds and they are unlimited. Rockets can bounce in weird directions when hitting floor and walls; and even if its usually considered one of the weakest Special Weapons on Paranoid, its damage shouldn't be understimated.

5. The Gravity Gun: This weapon can be used to pick up and launch props that appear within the map. The props appear in places related to where the Gravity Gun appeared. When you use the weapon it will throw the item/s that is/are picked, and those will do damage to the zombies depending on their type. The Giant Saw is one of the easier ones to aim with and has a great damage output, second only to the one that comes from the cat radgdoll that will angrily miaow when throw. Non-picked up items (like a laying Giant Saw) will still do damage everytime the Gravity Gun is used. Items being held with the gravity gun can (and will) block players; and will be lost if you go throught a teleport. When not carrying an item, the Gravity Gun can still be used to push zombies away; it pushes a considerable distance, but its area of effect is very small and usually requires a good latency to time it correctly before being zombified.

6. The Vulcan Minigun: When active this weapon will shoot bullets non stop on front of it, hurting and pushing zombies. The more time its active, the more it will heat. If it gets overheated a voice message will warn you; if its still not turned off, a new voice message will trigger and the weapon will explode shortly afterwards, hurting (and probably killing) both Humans and Zombies alike. If not abused (overheated explosion) it gots unlimited ammo. Is one of the strongest Paranoid Special Weapons due to his high knockback and movibilty.

7. The Singularity Cannon: This special weapon, unlike most of the Paranoid Special Weapons, is attached to a Primary Weapon, allowing you to combine it along with one of the multiple Special Weapons that are attached to pistols. The Singularity Cannon has only 3 charges, and there is a cooldown between charges of around half a minute. When shoot, it will create a slow-motion bullet-like moving "black hole" that will attract zombies towards it, most of the time dragging them away from the shooter. However, made out of 90% recycled Fail Nades, this weapon has the highest chances of back firing or just plain actting weird; so is advisable using it only as a last resort or with complete knowledge of how it exactly works.

8. The Thundergun: This weapon has 4 charges. When used it will shoot a tornado-like bullet that will push away all the zombies and monsters it encounters on its path. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but when used in the correct situation may turn a hopeless situation into an easy victory. This weapon is a reference to its counter part from Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

9. The Barricade Gun: This weapon has cooldown and can only be used around once every minute. It will place itself on the ground along with some solid sand bags, not allowing the owner to move for its duration. While the weapon is in this mode (active) it will shoot non stop in a straight line (but can still be directed by the owner) hurting and pushing zombies, in a very similar way to the Vulcan Minigun. On top of that it will keep giving infinite ammo to the owner and people inside its small area of effect. The only downside of this great weapon is not being able to move while making use of it.

10. The Earendil Light: Directly from ZE LOTR Mount Doom from the same author, this item will create a small area of light where zombies are not allowed, pushing them if necesary. It gots a quite long duration for a not so long cooldown, and can easily save you from the most dire situations, since no zombie will be allowed inside for its duration.

11. The Gandalf's staff: Directly from ZE LOTR Mines of Moria from the same author, when used it will push zombies in a big area away from the owner. Has a medium cooldown. If you bring this staff to the middle of the final bridge in The Core, it will trigger the "You Shall Not Pass" message and break the sides of the bridge, making it easier to defend; as a reference to both Mines of Moria (Movie and ZE Map).

12. The Sprint Pistol: When used the owner will gain a great speed increase for several seconds, and a particle will follow him to make it visual that he is not speed hacking. Has a medium cooldown between uses. Is often considered a twin pistol to the Invulnerability Pistol, both looking the same, being added on the same version on similar spawning places, and having (until recently) mirrored durations and cooldowns.

13. The Invulnerability Pistol: Will make you inmune to zombification and some sources of damage. This weapon will make you glow green on use. Has a medium cooldown between uses. Is often considered a twin pistol to the Sprint Pistol, both looking the same, being added on the same version on similar spawning places, and having (until recently) mirrored durations and cooldowns.

14. The Car: Once picked up, this vehicle will pop in and out of existance randomly. When its present it will grant the owner increased velocity aswel as pushing zombies; and when it dissapears it will give him back a normal human speed. Is easily the worst Paranoid Special Item; not being controllable, and its bonus when present not being that great (inferior to the speed granted by the Sprint Pistol).

15. The Invisibility Field: When used it will create a huge spheric area with a medium-large duration inside wich every human turns invisible, making them harder to be spotted by zombies; or even allowing them to see better throught themselves when stacked on a small hold. Sometimes people wonder about how usefull this item really is; but we all agree that its effect looks really cool (both the particle and the humans turning invisible inside of it).

16. The Grenade Maker: Everytime you use this special item it will create a normal HE grenade that humans can pick to use. This item has no cooldown but can only spawn a total of 15 or 20 grenades before running out of grenades. This item doesn't look really great, but can make a huge difference when used smartly on a server with Napalm Grenades that ignite zombies.

17. The Teleporter: When used it will create a small portal in front of the owner that will teleport any zombie or monster that touches it back to the Zombie Jail. Its a very powerful weapon if used at the correct time, but has only a single use and sometimes is hard to tell if you are even holding it since it lacks any visual indication when is not enabled (at wich point a very visual portal appears in front of you and you go hunt for zombies to touch with it).

18. The Slower Weapon: When used it will create an medium-large area around the user with a visible particle that will slow zombies down. Its a very powerful weapon if used on a key moment, but has only a single use. Like the Teleporter, sometimes is hard to tell if you are even holding this special weapon, since it has no visual indicator when is not enabled; and having only one use you can't just waste an use to check if you are holding it or a normal weapon.

19. The Jumping Bed: This item allows you to place beds every now and then on the battlefield. Only one bed can be placed at any time per each Jumping Bed item. The bed itself is solid and can be sometimes used as a barricade; but its most impotant feature is that it allows players to jump on top of it to perform super jumps. Those are useful to avoid the labyrinth walls (jumping over them) or to reach some special places. One needs to notice that even being a Human Item, zombies can still use it for perfoming the same jumps; unlike the Zombie Barnacle, a similar weapon for zombies that doesn't affect humans.

20. The Ladder: Like the bed, there can only be one ladder placed at once (per Ladder item) and is mostly used to avoid the labyrinth randomizing walls or reach special places. As its name indicates it will place a medium-large ladder that can be normaly climbed by both humans and zombies alike. It can also be used to create defensive walls to stop zombies if they can't climb to the other side of where it was placed.

21. The Builder: This item will create a breakable barricade everytime its used. It has only 15 charges, but the 15 barricades can be placed at anytime and place without having to worry about a cooldown or a limit on how many barricades can exist at once. The barricades are easily destroyed by human fire or some zombie monsters, but otherwise will slow down zombies significally if they are forced to deal with them without the help of their most powerful monsters. Sometimes, if used smartly, the barricades can be placed to reach special places or make shortcuts.

22. The Zombie Detector: This little device will allow you to know when zombies are near. It will make a sound when any zombie is close enough to the holder, and it will even draw a red line of dots towards one random zombie inside the area of effect, to know where he is comming from. The item has little real use overall, but is really fun to have and observe. As with the Giant Chainsaw, this item is always enabled and doesn't need to be used in anyway; but is not considered a weapon.

23. Unlimited Ammo Sub-Machine Gun: This weapon is just a normal KM Sub-Machine Gun with a yellow trail that follows it; however its ammo gets reloaded every second, allowing you to shoot non-stop as if you were playing on a Unlimited Ammo + No Reload server. If you were already playing on one of those... This weapon only gives you a yellow trail that follows you.

24. The Juggernaut: The Juggernaut is arguably the most powerful human item in Paranoid. Is a Knife-based Item, wich means that can't be dropped or passed, and will be on the owner's power until he dies. The human lucky enough to control the Juggernaut will get increased HP (to survive a bigger amount of fall damage) and will be inmune to zombification. For killing him, the zombies will have to deal enought damage to the Juggernaut to kill him, wich is usually several stabs, and can allow the Juggernaut to be sometimes a solo winner, fearlessly charging by itself into a full horde of zombies.

The Juggernaut has two special moves, both activated with Second Mouse Button while holding a knife. To cycle from one special attack to the other you have to use the E button. This may change in a future version of Paranoid moving the Juggernaut Controls back to its original Left/Right Mouse buttons for Attack/Charge attacks.

The Juggernaut's special move "Attack" will stop him where he stands while he hits and attacks for some seconds; pushing away zombies and monsters alike if they are close enough to the mighty Juggernaut. The Juggernaut's special move "Charge" wil briefly stop him before giving him a big speed boost and a charging animation. While charging the Juggernaut will push zombies and monsters away like when he attacks. Unlike his other special move, this one has a cooldown to take into account.

25. The Annihilator: When both picked or used, this special weapon will trigger a Duke Nukem voice that alerts everyone that the weapon was picked or used. This weapon is so heavy that it will slow down the human picking it up. When using its single charge it will fire a powerfull straight red glowing projectile-beam that will annihilate anything on its path, zombies and monsters alike, leaving no survivor; annihilating even Pyramid Head, Zombie Boss or Titan Monster. This weapon was originaly ultra-secret when it was added; later it became just a normal secret. Right now can be obtained with a different secret, but can also normally spawn in a couple key places, making it just more rare than most of the other weapons, but still available for everyone (if lucky).

26. The Holy Grenade: Like the Annihilator this weapon is more rare than the rest, has only one charge and will kill any zombie or monster within its range when it explodes. Unlike the Annihilator, this weapon will kill humans aswel; and is often used for griefing purpouses or in an attempt to kill all the other humans to make a solo win (wich are usually detected and rewarded on Paranoid's next round with increased speed, reduced gravity, and a Vulcan Minigun for the winner). When used, the grenade will fly as if throw; then will lay where it landed and explode shortly afterwards. Its area of damage is huge and the explosion is accompanied by both a cool particle and cool sound. This weapon is a reference to the Holy Grenade from the Worms games, where it stands as the most powerful weapon.

Zombies's Special Items

1. The Titan Monster: Based on a Half-Life Gargantuan model, it was named "Titan Monster" instead because there was a famous ZE mapper going by the name of Gargantua by the time this monster was added to Paranoid. The Titan Monster is a big creature with tons of life; but reduced speed and inability to perform jumps. The zombie inside of him will have enough HP to be considered immortal, and will only die if the Titan himself gets killed. The Titan Monster has two attacks; if you use your Left Click, he will punch-attack, killing all humans on his arm radius, and pushing zombies away. If you use your Right Click he will stop briefly, growl, and perform a charge that will grant him increased speed for its duration, aswel as continous charging-damage on anything he touches. This move has cooldown and can only be used around once every half minute.

The Titan Monster used to be the biggest and most powerful Zombie Item on Paranoid. However, with the current Rezurrection versions he now has to share that position with both The Balrog and The T-Rex aswel. All this huge monsters are obtained the same way; the secret will spawn one (and only one) of the three randomly. Some specific modes may include all three at once (Lords of Destruction) or eight of the same one (Ultimatum Mode).

2. The Balrog: Like the Titan Monster, the Balrog suffers from reduced movement speed and inability to perform jumps; and like the Titan Monster he is a fearsome adversary with huge size and tons of health points. Once again, the zombie inside of him will be considered immortal unless the Balrog himself gets killed. Using your Left Click will make the Balrog use his sword-attack; stopping him while performing it and killing every human in range. Using your Right Click will make the Balrog to stop in place and growl; this is not only really cool, but will also grant increased speed to all the normal zombies within its radius. The Balrog damages and kills breakables and humans just by steping on them; so if you are on his feet, you are probably already dead.

3. The T-Rex: Like both the Titan Monster and the Balrog, the T-Rex is a huge creature with tons of health and inability to jump normally; and as with the other two humongous monsters the zombie is considered immortal until the T-Rex himself gets killed. However the T-Rex is not as slow and can't be so easily ignored. Like the Balrog has stepping-damage, so staying away from his feet comes second to staying away from his mouth; however his foot-damage is not as high and you can survive some seconds while trying to dodge him. Using the Left Click will make the T-Rex perform a bite attack, stoping him for the duration and killing humans in range. One may notice that this attack has a great high range; allowing him to bite people on higher floor levels than the one the T-Rex is standing on. Using the Right Click will stop the T-Rex while he performs a huge growl. All the humans that were close enought to get affected by it will tremble in fear and drop the weapons they are currently holding (this can be avoided if the weapon you have selected can't be dropped, like knives and grenades).

4. The Antlion Guard: The Antlion Guard, Synth Tunneler and Vortigaunt share the same easy-secret to appear; the secret randomly creating one of the three. The Antlion Guard gives the zombie using it increased health and speed; makes it hard to be shoot (because the model deceives what the real size of the zombie is) and will hurt and push away humans that get charged (touched) by him. You can still however infect them.

5. The Synth Tunneler: Like the Antlion Guard, the Synth Tunneler is hard to shoot because how its model deceives what the real hitbox of the zombie is. However smart players will shoot him with no problems. The Synth Tunneler is a really slow creature, but will kill any human that dares to touch him at anytime.

6. The Vortigaunt: The Vortigaunt is one of the funniest Zombie Items in Paranoid. It won't give you increased speed or health, so its relatively easy to kill. When using this item you will look like a Vortigaunt, and when you press E you will stop in place and charge a special attack for half a second. When the attack occurs, you will shoot a straight attraction lightning that will push the humans it touches in your direction. This special attack has a small cooldown just sightly superior to its duration. When using it you won't be able to infect those humans many times; but the attraction will make them easy prays for your fellow zombie teamates, will throw them into a pit, or will just destroy their attempt at holding a place. If timed correctly a human can jump over the lightning to avoid the attraction.

7. Pyramid Head: Comming directly from Silent Hill, Pyramid Head is easily the most fearsome of the zombie monsters that dwell in Paranoid. Pyramid Head will spawn automatically on Silent Hill Mode, and can be the chosen item to repeat 8 times on Ultimatum Mode. However, to obtain him outside this cirscumstances, you require to find and use the Silent Hill pentagram found in one of the labyrinth sides on a mode that supports him (you can't go to Jail to pick him up on some modes, and he is disabled on VIP Mode). (in the east labyrinth, you must break it) then you go to the Jail and you can take Pyramide Head behind the teleporter.

Pyramid Head is the only monster in Paranoid that can't be shoot. He is completly invulnerable to normal weapons and will relentlessly advance towards humans and slay them. When Pyramid Head is present (and not bugged, sometimes he does get affected by normal weapons) you only have two options: have a Special Weapon that can deal with him... or run! Pyramid Head is not allowed to infest humans most of the time, but he can just walk to them and then use his special attack. When performing this attack, he will freeze and swing his sword, killing every human or breakable touched by the blade. If an unlucky human is close enough to him when he performs this attack he will freeze in fear aswel, becoming an easy target. At the final corridor of Silent Hill Mode Pyramid Head will sprint in order to become a threat to humans, since he is usually slower than them. When Pyramid Head kills a human, an easily recognizable scream (from the diying human) will let everyone know what just happened.

8. The Jumping Knife: Even with the existance of the 3-Bigs (Titan, Balrog, T-Rex) and the invulnerable Pyramid Head; the Jumping Knife can be easily considered the most powerful Zombie Weapon on Paranoid- It competes with Vortigaunt as one of the most fun items to use. When picked up, this knife will make the zombie glow in a yellowish light (to be easy to spot and diferentiate from other zombies) and grant him the ability to perform amazing jumps. To make an appropiate jump its mandaroty to be air borne (usually you just make a normal jump) when using the item.The distance and height of the jump will vary depending on how low you were aiming your cursor at the time you Right Clicked to activate the special jump. The jumps have around 5 seconds of cooldown between uses. With the jumps you can bypass lots of obstacles, move faster than walking zombies or just jump inside of the human crowd if you don't get shooted away before or while performing the jump.

9. The Stopper Knife: When used, ice will appear surrounding the Zombie and he will become immortal, but unable to move. You Left Click to unfreeze, becoming mortal and able to move again, and Right Click to freeze, becoming invulnerable to any kind of damage, pushes or knockbacks. Is often considered an useless item, but can be really good on certain situations; and can be used to recover your speed after being frozen or slowed down by human special weapons or Paranoid triggers.

10. The Zombie Summoner Knife: When this item is picked up, a portal will appear on top of the head of the owner, now know as Zombie Summoner. At the same time, a teleport will appear on the Zombie Jail Room that will lead anyone touching it to the Zombie Summoner. The Zombie Summoner can also place portal-holes in the floor that will lead anyone (humans and zombie alike) to him when they enter one of them. This hole can (and should!) be "abused" sometimes, making it appear at the other side of a hold, forcing all the humans inside the hole and towards the Zombie Summoner, where he and his summoned minions can easily deal with them.

11. The Jumping Barnacle: Similar to the human's Jumping Bed, the Barnacle owner will create Barnacles (instead of beds) that will allow zombies to perform high jumps, allowing them to avoid obstacles or reach special places. Unlike the Jumping Bed, barnacles are not solid and will only work for their team (zombies). Only one barnacle can exist at once for each Jumping Barnacle item, but this is taken care of by the fact that the Barnacle Duration and Cooldown are almost the same.

12. The Zombie Boss: The Zombie Boss isn't really a Special Item. When the Paranoid's mode "Zombie Boss" is selected, the original zombie will become "The Zombie Boss"; this is the only way to become it. This gives him greatly increased speed and health, aswel as a red glow that diferentiates him from the normal zombies. Being the Zombie Boss counts as being a special monster and won't allow you to pick a new one.

Special Items for either Humans or Zombies

1. The Dog: Not to be confused with The Juggernaut, wich uses the Half-Life 2 "DOG" model. The dog will change depending if it was picked by a human or a zombie. When owned by a human the dog will look like a normal black doberman. When owned by a zombie, it will look like a dead brown dog with its head and neck cut in half, with bone-spikes emerging from the wound. Being a Knife-Item it can't be dropped by humans, and will remove all your weapons when you pick him up, so dropping them in advance (to be able to recover them aftewards) is usually a good idea.

The Human Dog will grant the human increased speed movement and make him immortal to zombification, but if the dog gets killed, he will die. The dog has only enough life to survive a single zombie knife attack, but its small and low size, along with the increased speed of the owner, makes him a hard target. When in this form the human may use Right Click (while holding a Knife) to drop explosive piles of shit in the ground (yeah, really). When touched by a zombie, they will explode. Their damage is moderate, usually killing only zombies that were previously hurt or had a really low health based on their Class and/or Server Settings. Only 4 piles of shit can be shat, and there is no cooldown required between uses.

The Zombie Dog will also grant increased speed movement to the zombie using it. This, along with the low height of the dog makes him a hard target to spot and shoot at times. When using the Right Click the Zombie Dog will perform a high jump. Unlike the Zombie Jumper, he can't use this to move faster or jump fowards; but combined with his extra speed and small size can make him a really hard target to shoot, and once he reaches the humans and the zombification begins... is usually too late.

2. The Juke Box: This item appears on top of the big monitor in the spawn area, and can only be picked up by player that won the previous round (not all victories count; usually you will only be allowed to pick this item after winning a round that teleported you as a human form the Core Elevator to the Coliseum Button Area). The holder of this item can use A and D keys to scroll between songs, and then use the Second Mouse Button while holding a Knife to make the listed song start playing.

Even if this special item can only be picked as a human (since its attached to a grenade) it will still work when you get zombified; and being on the spawn, everyone (but the original mother zombie) can pick it up, even if they are infested afterwards.

This item is probably going to be improved on newer versions; so its songs don't get stopped by the map normal soundtrack; so some of the non-counting victories start counting towards being able to pick the item; make it so you don't stop seeing the song-list after getting zombified; and may end appearing every round (instead of the current 50% chance).

Old (removed) Special Items that have existed on Paranoid at some point:

The Zombie Ghost: Present in the original versions of Paranoid this item would bring the zombie using it on a huge empty area under the map; having a Ghost-Like model parented that was present in the map, since it was parented several metters on top of the zombie. The zombie would have a camera to allow him to see where the ghost (and himself!) were moving. This allowed the Ghost to go through walls (since there were no walls where the zombie was moving). On contact with humans, the Ghost would teleport them to the Zombie Jail where they were easy targets for other zombies. Was removed because the camera wasn't reliable and didn't work at times, and because it looked very buggy.

The Zombie Cloud Knife: When used, this item would teleport the zombie some metters underground, making a pink cloud appear in its place. While under the map the zombie could move freely and avoid the closed labyrinths walls; and still look throught the ceiling (the floor every other player was steping on) to spot posible victims or see the pink cloud that used to be his former self. After a short duration however, the zombie would get teleported back to the "real" world, and replace the pink cloud once more. This item could still be used on the Core, but the lack of underground paths would oftenly make the zombie just fall down. During one of the Paranoid remakes, all those extra paths and areas that were only used by the Zombie Ghost and the Zombie Cloud Knife were removed, and so this' item was removed aswel.

The Turtle Launcher: "I like turtles" the little boy said when he picked this gun... And then he spammed it everytime this gun was dropped and picked up again. The Turtle Launcher would shoot cuddly turtles at high speed that would then attach to the zombies they impacted. Only 2 turtles could exist at any given time, so spamming the weapon would instantly remove turtles in mid air (weapon had no cooldown). When attached, the turtles would keep hurting (by a relatively high amount) the zombies in contact with them, and after launched the turtles would stay from 1 to 20 seconds (every 20 seconds all turtles would be removed) or until a third turtle was shot, even removing already attached turtles. This weapon was removed because when you parent something directly to someone (instead of a weapon they are holding) its parented FOREVER, following killed zombies even while on spectator; never dissapearing, and keep hurting and killing any other zombies the turtled-ghosts would expectate.

The Buster Sword: Also known as "The Big Ass Sword Cloud from Final Fantasy VII Uses" existance on Paranoid was brief, being added on a version and fastly removed on the next one. When used, the owner would start swining the sword around him at great speed doing tons of damage and killing all the zombies brave or stupid enough to get close to him. Using a direct-parent (instead of being parented to a weapon) the Sword was parented to the human's back, making it look realistic, moving along with the human movements. However, like with the Turtle Launcher problem, this made possible to activate the sword, suicide, and then keep that damage following you on spectator, allowing you to kill every zombie everywhere by just fast cycling between them. The sword could had ben fixed by using a normal parent system, but it was just removed instead.

The Lost Smoke: This was easily the most hardcore secret that ever existed on a ZE map; and was also the most powerful and gamebreaking item that existed on Paranoid. Its great power was excused by the fact that only Hannibal was suposed to be able to get this item; but people decompiling and studying the map looking for answers managed to figure out how to get it. For getting this item, you would need to appear on the East side of the 1st Labyrinth (either Human or Zombie, both can get it) and use an invisible button behind the Portal, cross the portal to the other side, use another invisible button behind that one; cross the portals again; you would then be granted greatly increased speed (looked like Speed Hack) momentarely that would allow you to reach a special item that popped into existance briefly in a specific place of the labyrinth... If you picked it in time, the item would then get parented into you; following you while on spectator... Once you had the item parented, you would need to find a way to die; and move (as spectator) to a specific invisible tiny place on the Spawn Area that, when touching the thing you had parented, would enable it. Then, with this item enabled and parented to your spectator form (wich can't be spectated by other spectators; making the discovery of the secret by spectating someone imposible) you would need to get to a special room in the far border of the map and place the item you still had parented into a specific place. That would then give you the Lost Smoke power. Even if everything was done correctly as fast as possible, more often than not people would be about to enter The Core when you were done doing all this, wich was also the place where the Lost Smoke could shine as its best.

Based on the Smoke from the Lost series, this special item was just a particle-like smoke that followed its owner on spectator, being able to fly freely at high speed inside and outside the map, and even cycle from one player to the next in the normal way spectators usually do. The Lost Smoke would have 20 charges of "death", using one for each player or object it destroyed. The Smoke automatically would kill or destroy anything it touched, consuming one charge. Beholding the Smoke in The Core was a sight worth seeing, since it was not only really cool visually, but was also extremly rare to see since even the few people that discovered how to pick it where often not fast enought to pick it up before the round ended. The Smoke could break the Core paths everywhere (those used to be more numerous smaller pieces), and so the item could be used to make imposible for players to reach The Core Elevator. It was removed in order to reduce the entity count (since it was using quite a lot for an item not seen 99% of the rounds), because non-desired people (desired ones being only Hannibal and Kaemon) discovered how to get this secret, and because it was just plain game breaking.

The Blue/Red Ghost: This "ghost" used the same basic principles than the Lost Smoke, being an item that was suposed to be used from a spectator point of view. A lot easier to pick than their black counterpart, the Blue and Red smokes were still a secret not known to everyone. When you managed to get to the selection area, you would be confronted with two teleports, one red and one blue. Only one could be selected on the same round, and it would parent you the item and kill you shortly afterwards. Once dead the properly colored smoke would follow you in spectator view; allowing you to fly freely with it or just cycle from one player to the next like spectators normally do. The Red version would briefly ignite zombies touching it, while the Blue version would briefly slow down humans. The item could had been reworked to have different effects or something, but was instead removed because they current effects (Ignite and Slow) were easily abusable by just cycling really fast between players, effectively being able to keep the whole Zombie Team ignited the whole round, or the whole Human Team slowed the whole round; even if the player using the smokes would be unable to really spectate/see anything, just spamming the change-player key.

The Kamikaze: When used, this human item would ignite the player using it and make him explode shortly afterwards; killing all zombies in a small area around him. This item was removed at some point because it didn't had a lot of use and it kept bugging killing (or not killing) targets that it shouldn't; related to infesting the Kamikaze owner at a wrong time that always seemed to happen.

The C4 Bomb: The item used the CS:S C4 Bomb model; you would need to use it to start the countdown (not shown) and then drop it (droping the pistol it was attached to) to where you wanted it to explote. It could obviously only be used once, and its explosion would kill Humans and Zombies alike. It was possible to use it for blowing a Labyrinth Wall if this one was close enough and enabled at the time of the explosion. Since one entity makes up for several Labyrinth Walls around the map, this would destroy arround 10-20 walls apart from the one it was touching. This item was removed probably because lots of people didn't know how to use it and was too easy to obtain for griefing purpouses (killing the other humans).

The Wall Controler: The wall controller was a pistol with a green light. On used, it would force all the 1st and 2nd labyrinth walls to switch status (forcing open those that were close, forcing close those that were open) and then the light would turn red during its cooldown. When the item was ready for use again (after around 10 seconds) the light would turn green again to let the owner know. This item was a key piece for the One Way Mode (removed on Rezurection V.11) where it was given at the begging; but could also be picked up on the other modes. This item was probably removed because how easy it was to abuse it on One Way Mode, or just to save entities since with that easily abusable mode gone, it had little use left.

The Destroyer: The Destroyer was a different status of an already existing weapon: The Annihilator. Everytime the Annihilator spawned it had a chance of becoming The Destroyer instead. On this status, the special weapon would glow in yellow/golden instead of red. Like the Annihilator it would still slow down the owner by its heavy weight and would have only one use. Instead of doing a red-line of destruction (like the Annihilator) the Destroyer would instead shoot a harmless projectile that would only detonate on impact; not killing anything around it until impacted. Once it impacted however, it would kill everything (zombie sided) in a huge area around the impact position; being the impact possible on Zombies, Breakables or Walls. It was removed to save entities and because the way the weapon worked it made it too powerful when used on the Core; being more devastating than the Annihilator itself. Its area of effect could had been reduced instead.

The Crow: One of the most popular and used weapons of the Paranoid Ultimate V.10 era, the Crow was a human weapon that would allow the human picking it the ability to transform into a crow, granting him the ability to fly. This weapon was extremely useful to avoid the labyrinth walls and obstacles; but its strong point was its use on The Core, were it allowed to easily avoid all the zombies during the final fight and just wait for the right moment to fly towards the Core Elevator and the victory. When combined with other special weapons it was a quaranteed win for the players that knew how and when to use it. During the Crow form the player would get hurt non-stop, the amount of damage increasing the closer you were to The Core; however some server settings allowing classes, donators or admins to have extra health or even regeneration made possible to abuse this item even more than it was already possible to do. The item was removed because the continuous changes made to it make it almost useless "for fun" (too low duration overall, too much damage recived while being transformed) while still being easily abusable for quaranteed victories. The item may return someday, along with some changes (like not being able to stand on top of the Core Elevator or the Core Portal) since it was a highly liked item. The Paranoid Rezurrection V.11 dog was originaly made as a replacement for the now gone crow.

The Doppelganger (spy) Zombie Knife: Suposed to appear on the Paranoid Rezurrection V.11 the item was removed because technical difficulties. It was suposed to use a newly discovered system to change the players model (instead of parenting a model with a determined animation on top of them and making the player invisible) and was suposed to make the zombie picking it up look like one of the 8 default human models. The Zombie would retain its normal health; but this disguise could allow him to infiltrate areas with humans without being detected and start zombifiying everyone. This item may still appear sightly different in a future version of Paranoid; or in the same way if the system it was suposed to use was to be fixed.

The Mirror Zombie Knife: Supposed to appear on the Paranoid Rezurrection V.11 this item would grant the zombie picking it up a mirror image mimicking its movements reversed as if there was a mirror crossing the map from North to South. The mimicking image would be able to kill humans touching it; but it would also alert the zombie when humans were close to the image, and Right Clicking would allow the Real Zombie and the Mirror Image to switch places. The item was not added because it was quite entity expensive and it didn't support being part of a template that can be repeated, wich is a system the Rezurrection V.11 use when placing the items within the map in a completly randomed way. This item may still apear in a future version of Paranoid; if it does, it will probably be the only zombie item that can't apear more than once on the same round.


The Specials Items of Paper Escaper are:


Rocket Launcher:


Penis Gun:

Speed Gun:


Ammo Box:

Raivb1000 Prototype::



Cool'R Gun:



The ShroomForest Materias[?] are:

Heal Materia: This materia has the ability to heal humans inside its range (100 HP).
Cooldown = 45 seconds

Ice Materia: This materia creates an area of ice in front of the user that freezes the zombies inside for around 6 seconds.
As all materias that slow or freeze, the speed given back to the ones affected by it its decided by the mapper; so frozen zombies could get a speed boost (or nerf) after the effects wears of, depending on server settings. Also, knockback still affects frozen zombies even if they can't move: when they are allowed to move again all the knockback that they recived will act at once, usually making them fly backwards.
Cooldown = 60 seconds

Fire Materia: This materia creates a frontal cone of fire that ignites zombies inside.
Cooldown = 60 seconds

Wind Materia: The user is surrounding by wind, and repels zombies during 5-6 seconds.
Cooldown = 45 seconds

Gravity Materia: It creates a black hole, that will slow down all zombies near of it, during 6 seconds.
Cooldown = 45 seconds

Earth Materia: It creates a grass wall, in front of the user, that completly blocks the path and stays for around 5 seconds. Earth blocks humans aswel, so you must be careful when placing it so you don't left behind any teammate.
Note: as the wall grow, (and don't appear, immedialtly), you should activate this materia before zombies can knife you or the zombie will go up with the growing wall.
Cooldown = 45 seconds

6 Mines: With this item, you can place on the ground 6 mines/mushroom. These mines, explode and ignite zombies when they walk on it (don't only ignite, the zombie who walk on it but also near zombies). It have a cooldown of 1 second, so you can't place every mines at the same time. As it's write, you can place 6 mines, then the item disapear.

Ultimate Weapon: It's a secret item, on Level 3. It freeze zombies in his range, and can kill them, in one hit. It should affect the boss of level 3 (Satan), but not the level 3 extreme boss (a flying dragon).
Only one use.

Water Materia: This item, is in the map since his creation, and it never appear (strange). But it exist (discovered it using Hammer).
Anyway Cooldown = 60 seconds

Unlimited Ammo: A new item (included in v3), it give you and humans near, Unlimited Ammo during ~10 seconds. Cooldown = 45 seconds

The Key: This item only appear, in Level 3. It open the door for the boss, and can be find in boxes, near the door.


Monkey Bombs: Activate the monkey bomb with 'E' and drop to hurt zombies (4 bombs)

Push Gun: Press E to push away zombies (30 sec recharge)

Freeze Gun: Press E to slow down zombies and hurt them over time (30 sec recharge)

Special Items WIPEdit

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