Zewikia specialcharacter zeminastirith White Knight
White knight
Team Humans
Origin Half-Life 2
Appearance Minas Tirith
Health 10000
Attacks 4

The White Knight is a Special Character available in ze_LOTR_Minas_Tirith. Level 5 needs to be obtained before you can aquire the White Knight. It is overall considered the most powerful amongst all of the human characters (even succeeding Gandalf) and is widely considered one of the few items that require a lot of skill to operate properly.


The White Knight has a high armor rating, powerful knockback and is one of the 2 characters to have a instant-kill special attack. Below is a table with all its attacks, and how to use them.

Primary Attack(s)Secondary Attack(s)Special Attack(s)
Heavy Slash--

Primary Attacks

  • Damage: 500
  • High knockback
Press left-click to use.
Heavy Slash
  • Damage: 500
  • High knockback
Press 'E' to toggle
and left-click to use.

Secondary Attacks

  • Invulnerability
    for 2 seconds
  • 7 seconds
  • Cannot move
    while operating
Press right-click to use.

Special Attacks

  • Kills all zombies
    within its radius
  • 45 seconds cooldown
  • 2 uses only
  • Cannot move while
Quickly press AA DD SW SW


  • The nuke will instantly kill all zombies, Nazguls and Trolls within radius, except for the Balrog who needs approx. 3 nukes.
  • Despite being more powerful overall, Gandalf is the only character who can hold back zombies at a longer rate and range, completely outmatching the White Knight's secondary attack.
  • In earlier versions, health values found in the map's vmf file deviated considerably from the ones found in-game. According to Entspy the White Knight at one point had 70000 health while only having 10000 in-game, and also should have dealt 200000 damage with the nuke while only doing 10000. Whether this is still true needs to be confirmed.


  • The model for the White Knight is a heavily modified Dog version of the original found in Half-Life 2.
  • When picked up, the console warns players that it has been acquired.

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