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ze_Cathedral is a zombie escape map developed by JorisCeoen. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source. This version will attempt to fix the previous problems on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, mainly being the FPS dropping very low. It will also feature new textures and the use of shaders and outside geometry as well.

As of 29th of June 2014 the map remains unreleased. The author has confirmed that unlike ze_SSBB, this map is still in development and is to be resumed after de_cathedral which was released for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. No assets from either maps were recycled and is not sceduled to happen in future development of both projects.

Overview Edit

Players have the chance to escape via many different routes inside the entire cathedral in many different ways. The goal is ultimatly to escape in safety from the zombies. This can either be via the helictoper, or via the front door or even via the catacombs/graveholes.

Development Edit

Map specifications Edit

  • Custom soundtrack
  • Custom props/models
  • Custom textures
  • 5 escape routes
  • Special weapons (Not added yet!)

Tactics Edit

Reception Edit

Notes Edit

  • A Gamebanana WIP page has been created which can be found here:
  • Textures and geometry have been changed since the initial version, mainly for better performance but also because the strucure of the cathedral wasn't accurate at the time it was made.
  • Currently, the entire inside geometry has been finished. The outside is in progress and should take less time than the inside, as less geometry is required, as well as all of the construction points are already set up.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the author, the map was inspired by zm_legends_v2 which also features a church and served as the inspirational source to the map.
  • The cathedral is built in crossform.
  • The map, which originally was a quick-scaled project due to the demand of new maps for CS:GO, has now no specific ETA, and as such demands much more time than the initial version.
  • The CS:GO version is abandoned and will be replaced by this version (where it will also be ported to CS:GO to replace the disfunctioning version there).

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Video(s) Edit

Counter-Strike Global Offensive WIP - ZE CATHEDRAL V1 (1080p)

Counter-Strike Global Offensive WIP - ZE CATHEDRAL V1 (1080p)