Kae junon alpha 003

Early Beta Image of the Skybox placeholder used to center the map and all its areas on the Hammer Grid.

ze_FFVII_Junon is a Zombie Escape map currently in development by Kaemon. The map is located on the port city of Junon from Final Fantasy VII, and tries to be as accurate and close to the real dimensions and portrayal of the city in the game as possible. The scene in this map starts in the old Junon village and has multiple endings, including the Cargo Ship in the city docks, the Blue Submarine in the Underwater Reactor and Highwind in the cannon itself.

The map was scheduled to release near the end of 2012, but this target was failed to reach due to unexpectedly large amount of work needed as well as confirmed slacking from part of the mapper. However, the map is still highly guaranteed[1] to be completed and playable at some point.

Inspired by both the love of Kaemon for the Final Fantasy series as well as how he liked the way ze_FFVII_Mako_Reactor, by fellow mapper and friend Hannibal, plays on a zombie escape environment.

Like Mako Reactor, Junon will have different boss fights[2] and will contain materia for human players to pick and use to their advantage. There will be multiple difficulties and most of the stages will be randomized so any stage (except the final one) can be played as the first stage on the first difficulty.


See also: Materia#ze_FFVII_Junon

In this map Kaemon decided to take one step further on the materia. According to Final Fantasy VII, types of materia[3] in this map were introduced, namely Base Materia and Support Materia.

Unlike Mako Reactor or other maps with Special Items, materia in Junon will no longer gain levels by changes of map stages, difficulties, or player levels; instead the Base Materia owner must collect a Support Materia to enhance the power of the Base one.[4] However, materia are still attached to pistols, which prevent humans picking two materia. The way Kaemon deal with this, is letting Base Materia gaining power by the owner touching the Support Materia instead of picking, and then the touched materia will be disappeared.[5] Though the power of the Base Materia will be always enhanced within the round, and have no access to remove the Support Materia or replace by picking up another Support Materia.[6]

List of Materia in ze_FFVII_Junon[7]

11 Base Materia

  • Fire
  • Water - Similar to Wind.
  • Ice
  • Lightning - Same as "Electro".
  • Earth
  • Gravity
  • Time - Equips Haste magic: increase the moving speed of the owner.
  • Poison - Slows, damages and confuses zombies.
  • Restore - Same as "Heal".
  • Barrier - Similar to Earth, but will not block humans.
  • Wind

6 Support Materia

  • All - Increases the effective area.
  • MP Turbo - Increases the power, such as lengthens the effect duration.
  • W-Magic - Grants an additional charge, like level 2 "Electro".
  • Final Attack - Casts the magic automatically when the owner dies or gets zombiefied.
  • Fast Recovery - Reduces cool down time.
  • Cuadramagic - Makes the materia trigger 4 times in a row within 3 seconds.

Comparisons are based on Mako Reactor. Materia with no description effects the same as those in that map. Note that Lightning and Restore are the real names in Final Fantasy VII[8][9], which Kaemon has taken more serious references[10] to.

Base Materia may have a cool down time of up to 2 minutes[11], at least 1[12]; the power similar to or slightly weaker than the materias of Mako Reactor[13].

As the map is still under developments, there may be further edits to materia, although Kaemon doesn't plan on adding more at this point[14].


  • There is a small vote[15] in Hannibal & Kaemon Blog, retrieved Aug 16, 2013:
Wich ZE Map will be released first? Make your bet!
* Kaemon - FFVII Junon          37.45%  (707 votes)
* None will ever be released!   30.40%  (574 votes)
* Hannibal - Last Man Standing  21.45%  (405 votes)
* Luffaren - Secret Project L    8.42%  (159 votes)
* Eddie - Secret Project E       2.28%   (43 votes)
Total Votes: 1,888
  • This page was originally start up by Kaemon himself.
  • It is quite a practice for Kaemon, or maybe Hannibal and other mappers in their blog too, listing zomble escape map names, which in the form without underscores (_), starting in block letters "ZE"[16], while in CS:S type tags of map names are usually in small letters. This does matter because internal links in this wiki is case-sensitive for the second character onward. This page is first named "ZE_FFVII_Junon" and it was said the page "ze_FFVII_Junon" does not exist.

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