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Credit board in v7. Note that the board has not update the version number.

It is situated in the famous desert of Final Fantasy XII. You spawn in the airport of the big city of Rabanastre. You have to navigate through the airport to the desert, where an elevator brings you to the valley, where you will face the dragon. Through the entire path, you may find Magicks, which are Special Items, to slow down the zombies. Until version 5_2, the way down to the valley was a maze of tubes. Unfortunately, a lot of people never knew how to do it, so he decided to save time and place an elevator.

Eventually, after you have beaten the dragon, you will escape the facility and climb out of the valley by using ladders.

However, you will not fight face to face with the dragon, when you entered Epic, or God mode. Then you will battle with the captain of the space-ship. When you've beat him, you  must run to the other side of the space-ship, where Chaos, tries to kill you, with his evil death-rays. Chaos was introduced as a boss in v3, however, SlayerDragon decided to seduce the power of Chaos. Therefore, he only shows up at the end of v6 to v7_1.

Development Edit

The map has since its first release received many updates (along with beta versions) and is now fully stable.

First version.

Well playable version.

Big changes in this version (airport, bosses, and more)

Improvement in the map. New bosses, new end. Some new versions come after this one, because it had an abusable glitch (used Holy at boss, kill all zombies).

Bug fixed version.

The current final version. Radar added, boss hp fixed, etc.

Map specifications Edit

  • Custom props/models.
  • Custom textures.
  • Special Items (magicks)
  • Custom soundtrack.

Tactics Edit

Notes Edit

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