Ze frostdrake tower
Game(s) CS: GO Csgo
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Luffaren
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ze_Frostdrake_Tower is a Zombie Escape map developed by Luffaren for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was created as part of GameBanana's Winter Worlds Mapping Contest, earning a third place.[1]

Frostdrake was both renowned and criticised at its time of release for dropping old traditions of using multiple items and numerous bosses over the course of smaller levels to make room for a single level that easily lasts over 20 minutes of playtime. Because of this, Frostdrake currently has the longest singular level of all Zombie Escape maps.


Anchelion, the legendary frostdrake from ancient times already forgotten by man, has awoken to the world once more, cursing the land into an eternal winter. Now, at the top of the tower from a time unknown, he gazes into the plains of ice and death that he himself has created. Gather your allies, ready your weapons and venture towards a great journey to slay the drake and break the land free from his curse. Good luck, you'll need it.[2]

Unlike most of Luffaren's previous Zombie Escape maps, Frostdrake lacks stages and special items. As a result the map is hard to complete by nature which forced several servers to create their own 'special items' like freezenades, push-flashbangs and the usual napalm grenade. Players start in a forest at the bottom of the tower's large bridges that are intersected by a small town. The goal is to make it to the top which is home to the Frost Dragon, kill it and succesfully escape the zombies which will dissappear if any human can make it to the safespot on the second large bridge (which is accessed by jumping down the tower).

Teamwork and progressively covering backpedallers is key to success in the map. Refills for grenades and ammunition happen frequently during the map.


Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveEdit

The current, stable version for CSGO. There were almost no launch bugs.

Map specificationsEdit

  • Custom props
  • Custom sounds


  • The reference model for Anchelion was handmade by the author in Blender.
  • Some servers made custom projectiles like freezing smoke grenades and pushing flashbangs.



CSGO Zombie Escape - ze Frostdrake Tower v1 (1080p - 60FPS)22:03

CSGO Zombie Escape - ze Frostdrake Tower v1 (1080p - 60FPS)

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