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Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Player capacity 64 slots
Special Items 3 types
Staff and Credits
Author DJ Dream
V · T · _ · E 

ze_Gameshow is a Zombie Escape map created by DJ Dream.

Overview Edit

A zombie escape map with the theme of a gameshow. It features three escapes to choose from the HUB: City Escape, Harbor Escape, and Airship Escape.


  • A gameshow style Zombie Escape map!

  • Three separate escape maps and a finale when all three are completed.

  • A boss at the end of the finale with a health bar for reference.

  • Music and particle effects for entertainment

  • Weapon shop with access to those who complete at least 1 map

How it worksEdit

At the start of each round a human can select a map to play and once that map is beaten it is completed. To reach the finale all 3 maps must be complated. To get a special weapon you must complete 1 of the ZE maps.

The Special WeaponsEdit

Monkey Bombs - Activate the monkey bomb with 'E' and drop to hurt zombies! (4 bombs)

Push Gun - Press E to push away zombies! (30 sec recharge)

Freeze Gun - Press E to slow down zombies and hurt them over time (30 sec recharge)

Development Edit

Fixed doors that could be walked through and area people with high jump could get to.

Balanced Harbor and City for humans, added a secret DJ booth in the lobby, the monkey bomb is now 4 "mines", and the weapons now have better particle effects. After getting a special weapon you must win another round to get more in the future.

 New version (in the works) adding two new levels, reworking the shop, and adding some more details to the finale/boss.

Map specifications Edit

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