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Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Gargantua
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ze_licciana_escape_v2 is a Zombie Escape map created by Roger Gargantua. This is the sequel to ze_Sorrento_Escape. (Notice how you start Licciana in the very same boats you used to escape Sorrento).

Overview Edit

Development Edit

Final version, there isn't any known bug.

Map specifications Edit

  • Custom textures.

Tactics Edit

The map starts at one spawn location: outside of the cave. The players can take 2 ways:

  • The caves way (Straight forward). There are 2 traps which you must avoid. If you fall in either of them you will die instantly.
  • The outside way(To the left). The only trap there is falling boulders. They don't do damage, but they can trap you.

The fastest way is always straight forward.

After you make it through the undeground tunnel turn left, this leads you to Gargantua's boat which leads to the secret lift which allows you to get to the gas-free zone (licciana). If you are unable to make it to the boat in time, go to the right instead of the left after the tunnel and make your way up the hill using either the lift or the rocks on the side of the hill. Then defend from zombies until you are able to get on one of the lifts leading to the gas-free zone.

Now you must cover until the nerve-gas arrives or until you've killed all the zombies on the map.

Notes Edit

  • The water in the underground tunnel does 5 damage per second to you when you swim in it. To counter this, buy a kevlar+helmet. This will lower your damage taken to 2 HP and 2 armor per second. The water in the ending zone does 1 damage to you per second. The kevlar+helmet completely removed HP damage and instead lets you take 1 armor damage per second.

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