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ZE Paper Escaper
Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Enviolinador
V · T · _ · E 

ze_Paper_Escaper is a Zombie Escape map created by Enviolinador. It is themed on a paper-like world, where the entire environment consists of paper material. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source. According to the author, the map is purely based on a "fancy paper texture" he found on the internet, and led to the inspiration of the map.

Overview Edit

Ze Paper Escaper is set in a drawn world, where you have to evacuate out of The Evil Headquarters. Escape through different paths to destroy the core of Evil Headquarters. Use powerful items to slow the zombies down and work together to escape this notebook.

Development Edit

First version.[?]

Detail for this version is unknown.

Detail for this version is unknown.

Stable version.

Crash version.

Contest and final version.

Map specifications Edit

Tactics Edit

There are 3 spawn rooms in the paper facility, which all lead to the hallway, where you are supposed to take the exit door. But the door is broken, so you have to escape through different ways. You can escape through the Sewers, or through the Storage Room. You can reach the sewers by the three elevators, or a simple path, with a door. The Storage room is accessible by a path, which can be found to the right of the spawn-hall. 

When you have passed all these paths, you blend together at the boxes. You have to wait there for 15 seconds, since the triggers can be pushed a little late. You may proceed by truck, by foot or through another series of sewers. That depends on which level you are playing.

Levels Edit

  •  Normal - You escape the facility by truck, to a warehouse, which leads you to the Doc Room. Activate the elevator in the Doc Room to power the trams, which bring you to the safe-roof.
  •  Hard
  •  Extreme
  •  Massacre -
  •  The End -

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