Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Origin Saw series
Staff and Credits
Author TaskuVaras
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ze_Saw is a zombie escape map developed by TaskuVaras based on the Saw movie series. It appears in Counter-Strike: Source.

Overview Edit

Development Edit


The current and final/stable version. However, there is still one known bug left, cited above.

Map specifications Edit

  • Custom props/models
  • Custom music
  • Custom textures

Tactics Edit

SAW take place in the house of the movie, you start at 2 spawns locations: In 2 bathrooms (same as movies).

There is 2 ways possible at the beginning:

  • Go to the tunnel, one player enter in the furnace, the other cover, the wall break after 45 seconds, (the player in the furnace don't forgot to activate the lever in the furnace to open it after 20 seconds or he will die). After the wall break go to the 2nd cover point and cover during 30 seconds.
  • Go to the pipes, you can cover in the pipes, it will be more simple during 60 seconds.

After, you must go the elevator and cover until it arrive (30 seconds)

There is 3 ways possible at the middle:

  • The 1st floor: go to the left (the arrow is a trap don't go to the right), then cover 20 seconds, then follow the way, jump on the grid.
  • The 2nd floor: the zombie door break very fast, you must cover and the other pass barbed wires (open after 20 seconds), take the door
  • The basement: go to the left, avoid the trap, you must march along the boxes, then cover 20 seconds. When the door is open, follow the way, go to aeration with the ladder and here you can cover very long.

Now enter in the room with the glass box, you must cover 40 seconds, after the door will close, and the crusher will activate, go on the glass box, then enter in the pipe. Now you can cover very simply and make a lot of frag but don't forgot if this is the 2nd end to retreat.

There is 2 ends possible:

  • you must cover 70 seconds then enter in a bunker.
  • you must cover 40 seconds then go out by the door (attention: when its this end, the players who were terrorist at the beginning will be kill by the nuke with zombies).

Notes Edit

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