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Game CS: S Css t
Scenario Zombie Escape Zombieescapeicon
Staff and Credits
Author Gargantua
Reworked by Anonymous
V · T · _ · E 

ze_Sorrento_Escape_2011 is a modified Zombie Escape map originally made by Gargantua. This map is no longer on the servers.

Overview Edit

Development Edit

Final version, there is not any known bug.

Map specifications Edit

  • Custom textures

Tactics Edit

Walkthrough Edit

The map starts at one spawn location:

The players can take 3 ways:

  • the ladder way, you must climb the ladder (plant), go up the boxes then go to the balcony and break the wooden door to go to the secret boat (not a secret because all know it location).
  • the grids's way, you must go at the left (don't take the ladder), and break the 3 grids to go to the wooden deck, activate the lever but here you can't jump on the boat because he take a different way that the original map.
  • the tunnel way,(not the way to take) you go to the right and you break the wooden door, then enter in the tunnel, and you will break about 10 grids, after go out with the ladder.

Now this is the time to the cover:

  • SERVER WITHOUT SMOKEGRENADE: cover 60 secondes, zombie shall not pass, after the 1st door open, continue to cover 30 secondes and you can go to the escape boat.
  • SERVER WITH SMOKEGRENADE: Very simple, you don't have to cover a lot, wait until the boat leave, launch a smokegrenade and jump on the boat.

Notes Edit

  • In the ladder way, the zombie can cut you when you jump to the little tunnel to go to the secret boat (after this is a carnage and zombies will win the round).
  • The water kill you if you fall on it.
  • The map is very difficult for the humans if you are not in a server with smokegrenade.

Trivia Edit

There is some change in this version:

  • the secret boat take an another way
  • there is big grids to don't fall in the water

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