Zero tolerance in Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a form of punishment that will undoubtedly give you a kick or a ban with even the most little infringement against the rules of a server. Only server admins are able to do this. It is generally considered unnecessary and sometimes even as an abuse of power.

Appearance Edit

  • Even though it is very uncommon for a server to pursue zero tolerance, there are still a handful of them which do kick or ban every single player if they infringe their rules.
  • In Zombie Escape, there are no servers pursuing an absolute form of zero tolerance, but they will do regarding cheating, racism and discrimination.

Notes Edit

  • It is often thought that this form of punishment is used for servers that are dedicated to professional players only, excluding the newcomers and less potential players. This is rather redundant, as a server password can help this problem too.

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