SDK Tutorial: Zombie Escape: Level Design Basics
Game(s) CS: GO CS: S
Scenario Zombie Escape

Desiging a map for Zombie Escape can be challanging if you don't know where to begin. 

This guide is here to help you get familiar with the basics of making a level for Zombie Escape. It is expected you already know the functions of the hammer editor (lighing, geometry, ect), you should also already have a basic plan for how your map will work.

Important EntitiesEdit

info_player_counterterrorist - This is the spawn entity for the Counter-Terrorist team, these will only be needed to be placed in the starting area.

info_player_terrorist - This is the spawn entity for the Terrorist team, in addition to spawning terrorists they will also be the spawn point for Zombies once the round has been started. These should be placed in the starting area only for now.

game_end- This is used for ending the round in a non traditional manner (i.e Not elimating the other team, or defusing the bomb). This can be used in every scenario from evacuation to nuclear missle detonating.

Basic LayoutEdit

Each zombie escape map should have at the base, a spawning area where the humans start and the zombies spawn it should then have a few areas where the humans need to holdout until a objective is completed (e.g opening a door, detonating C4, ect) and finally a escape.

Starting AreaEdit

The starting area should be big enough to hold upto 32-64 players. This number varies to the size of the server.

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